Microsoft’s Belfiore Taking Over IE Design Group
November 13, 2013

Microsoft’s Belfiore Taking Over IE Design Group

Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its Internet Explorer design team would have a new boss. However, Joe Belfiore, who is taking over the Internet Explorer group, won’t have to move very far. He had previously headed up the Windows Phone design team at Microsoft, and apparently will continue to work on the company’s phone and tablet business as well.

Belfiore confirmed this move in a Twitter post with the hashtag #notgoodbye! He posted, “everyone asking: I’m still doing phone work, just adding IE & Windows UX as part of my next role focused on ‘phone/tablet/pc’.”

Outgoing Dean Hachamovitch, vice president for Internet Explorer, will reportedly remain with Microsoft, but move to a new position within the company.

“Moving the Web forward continues to be important,” Hachamovitch wrote on the IEBlog on Monday. “The Web and the IE team have come a long way from our first posts here. This blog will continue to cover advances and issues of interest to people who care about the Web, like HTML5, performance, touch, security, and the like.”

Hachamovitch didn’t say what he might be doing, but apparently confirmed that he is remaining with the tech giant.

“I’m changing roles at Microsoft, and excited to start a new team to take on something new,” he added. “Microsoft will of course continue to invest in the browser, in Web standards, in developer tooling for the Web, in privacy, and in even more areas than before. There’s a new set of capable leaders who will continue the strong work. Please accept my thanks for all the feedback over the last nine years. The depth of passion across the range of topics here has made working on IE a humbling delight – one that I will miss.”

The transition of Belfiore into a wider role is consistent with the company’s desire to see greater integration throughout its products, something that media reports have predicted could begin in earnest in 2014.

Belfiore had previously overseen the integration of Skype with the Windows Phone platform.

The Verge reported on Tuesday that many future Windows projects are still largely on hold as the company prepares to launch its Xbox One video game system next Friday. Following that, Microsoft may look to unify its Windows Phone and Windows app stores into a single and concise location for users, and also simplify developer registration into a single account.

The Verge added that while Belfiore’s role at the company will increase, much of Microsoft’s greater integration would fall under the leadership of Terry Myerson, the executive vice president of the operating systems group. He and his team are responsible for building the software platform and its experiences on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox devices worldwide.

While Hachamovitch may be on the way out, he likely did oversee the latest security patch for Internet Explorer, which was aimed to address a so-called “watering hole” vulnerability. On Monday the company confirmed that it was working on a patch that was part of its regularly-scheduled monthly security update. The bug was reportedly in all supported client editions of Windows, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.