Have a 3G Modem and No 3G Signal? The Solution is Found – a 3G Mobile Booster

November 14, 2013

The problem of unstable and weak 3G connections can be easily solved with a small and simple device. 3G booster from Myamplifiers.com will amplify 3G signal wherever the person is.

(PRWEB) November 14, 2013

Myamplifiers.com has enlarged the range of its 3G boosters. Now the booster collection includes 3G boosters especially for car, for buildings as well as Dual band and Triband boosters, which amplify both 3G and GSM signals.

Almost everyone faced the situation when all the plans crashed because of the absence of the internet. It seems there’s everything necessary for normal Web – a computer and a 3G modem, but suddenly it turns out that the signal of the mobile operator is inexcusably weak!!In this case the computer and 3G modem gets simply useless except the case there’s a 3G booster at hand.

What is a 3G booster? It’s a light device box, which is supplied in the kit with inside and outside antennas and all the necessary cables and mounting. Outside antenna is installed in the zone with at least some mobile signal, while inside antenna is fixed where it’s necessary to improve weak signal. Within the booster coverage zone the signal will become much stronger and 3G will start working well. Using 3G connections it’s possible to watch videos and listen to music online, download books and read online magazines, be an active user of social networks and forums, etc.

The best point about the booster is that its installation, switching-on and use are so easy that anyone will manage it without special help or knowledge. After switching on the booster picks up the signal of a mobile operator automatically in 5 seconds, amplifies it and the amplified signal comes into a mobile device, notebook, Ipad, etc. via inside antenna.                

Inessa Brown, the Head of Sales, tells about her experience of 3G booster usage:

“I understand our clients as anyone else because I’ve personally suffered from poor 3G connection. Life in the suburbs has certain advantages and disadvantages one of which can often be weak cellular signal. Offering the solution to the problem of weak 3G signal to our clients – we know for sure that it’ll make their life easier and more comfortable.”

When searching for a booster on the website the user can have only one question: which model to choose from the offered abundance? Especially for this purpose MyAmplfiers company has elaborated a special Helper application. A user picks up 3 parameters (country, mobile operator and coverage area where it’s necessary to amplify the signal) and gets the list of those boosters which correspond to the chosen parameters. As a final step, the user only needs to choose one most appropriate model from 2-3 variants given by the Helper.

For many people 3G and GSM boosters have become such an essential thing as a fridge or a computer. In and out of the city, in the basement and garage the signal can be weak and interrupted. The reason to this can be complicated building constructions, far distance from the base station of the mobile operator and many others.

MyAmplifiers company specializes in booster selling all over the world for all mobile signal types: 3G, 4G, GSM, SDMA, etc. Quality guarantees, fast delivery and wide range of models have become the hallmark of the company.

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