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Greenhouse.io Turns Hyper-Growth Companies Into Recruiting Machines

November 15, 2013

Greenhouse makes you great at hiring, so you can get the best talent and make data-driven hiring decision. Grabs $2.7M

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Over the past year, some of the most notable tech, media and e-commerce companies have been using Greenhouse (www.greenhouse.io) to improve their ability to recruit top talent. Today Greenhouse opens its recruiting software for other companies to find out what the excitement is all about, and announced it had closed $2.7M of funding. The investment was led by The Social+Capital Partnership and Resolute.vc, with participation from notables including Nick Ganju (ZocDoc), Seth Goldstein (DJZ and Turntable.fm), Thatcher Bell (DFJ Gotham), Thomas Lehrman (Gerson Lehrman Group and MasterStreet), and Bill Lohse (Pinterest). The company also has Tina Sharkey of SherpaFoundry and Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures on their advisory board.

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For many years, most companies have had to choose among poor quality Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems that feel outdated and don’t address users’ most important needs. Greenhouse takes a new approach, focused on making improvements to companies’ recruiting process. Most firms struggle with the basics like asking good interview questions, running useful reports, and cutting down on expensive recruiting agencies and job ads. Greenhouse’s new ATS enables companies to do the things that most HR pro’s recommend, but which the older tools weren’t designed to help with. These include things like drawing up a hiring plan, assembling interview kits for their teams, conducting structured interviews, collecting a feedback form from each interview, and quantifying the results of job ads, social media and referral campaigns.

Greenhouse has become an integral part of the hiring process for top firms such as Klout, Nextdoor, HUGE, General Assembly, Lookout, Upworthy, Gawker, Quirky, Airbnb, Bonobos, Disqus and others

Nextdoor’s Wilson Chan said, “Greenhouse significantly changed our hiring process and hiring progress. Things used to be disorganized and inefficient, now everything’s in one place and everyone knows what to do.”

Thumbtack’s Marissa Huang told us “I definitely feel like Greenhouse ‘gets it.’ I’ve used a number of ATS systems in the past and Greenhouse is definitely the most intuitive product I’ve used so far.”

Katie Puma from Gawker added, “I really love the interview kits. They make a big difference – they help managers and interviewers to understand the process without having to be trained over and over again. By clicking into an interview kit, managers and interviewers know exactly what questions to ask and how to evaluate the person they will be interviewing. All the information you need is right at your fingertips.”

Greenhouse brings a comprehensive solution to companies’ hiring needs, from sourcing candidates through interview funnel and applicant reviews, helping them make data-driven decisions in every step along the way, and create a delightful hiring experience for companies and their candidates alike.

Growing companies frequently develop some of the worst habits when it comes to hiring. Sourcing campaigns rarely get measured or optimized, costing the company in waste of both time and money. Next comes a series of information disconnects throughout the interview funnel, leaving the company with knowledge gaps, and a shallow understanding of their candidates. Critical hiring decisions are misinformed, and poorly based. Moreover, the best candidates spot bad hiring behaviors and walk away.

Greenhouse brings an end to the hiring mess, helping companies make informed decisions, and create a great experience for candidates. Greenhouse pulls together candidate sourcing from the web, social media, agencies and more into one integrated dashboard, making it easy to execute, measure and A/B test comprehensive sourcing campaigns. Greenhouse tools keep everyone in your company involved, and makes it easy for everyone to share referrals, tweet job postings, and contribute to your hiring process in a meaningful way.

Greenhouse also puts purpose and control into the interview funnel, helping companies get meaningful feedback and make better, faster decisions. With tools like an interview process plan, interview agenda, automatic reminders and organized information and instructions for your team members on each candidate and their process, you can be sure to ask the right questions and get the right feedback.

Daniel Chait, Greenhouse founder and CEO, says, “Hiring is a critical mission for every company, yet most companies know they have problems in their recruiting process. It’s just always been really hard to identify and fix those issues.” By designing the software around proven best practices, he continued, “Greenhouse makes it easy for any company to take advantage of the industry’s learnings and implement a proven, well-tuned recruiting engine.”

Mamoon Hamid of Social+Capital Partnership said,“Companies who aren’t organized and on-message often make a bad impression on great candidates. Hiring is about more than sourcing the right candidates, it’s about making sure strong candidates are excited to work with you, which won’t happen if you forget to follow up with them, fail to send timely feedback, or exhibit lack of focus.” Greenhouse helps companies improve their candidate experience and polish their online presence, so they can earn a reputation for being an attractive place to work that’s serious about great talent.

Finally, the information gathered throughout the process can be used to improve future decisions. Greenhouse collects an unprecedented level of detailed data about recruiting, to provide insight into recruiting performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your approach. Managers can easily discover gaps in their interviews so they can avoid making costly hiring mistakes. And comprehensive statistics allow firms to spot the top performing channels for sourcing candidates, enabling smarter hiring investments.

Greenhouse is live, sign up to request a demo at: www.greenhouse.io

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