Heyday Journaling App
December 9, 2013

Heyday App Captures The Story Of Your Life – For Your Eyes Only

Bryan P. Carpender for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

A journal is inherently personal. It’s where you jot down your innermost thoughts, ideas and memories. But it takes time and effort. Plenty of people start keeping a journal, only to abandon it a short time later due to lack of time or lack of motivation. Well, now there’s a new app that creates a journal of your life and adventures – and you’ll barely even need to lift a finger.

Heyday is the new lifestyle iOS app that does the journaling for you. It takes the photos and videos from your iDevice and creates a beautiful journal, allowing you to relive moments and memories in a simple chronology complete with timestamps and locations (depending on your individual settings preferences).

The app will create photo collages using 50 unique layouts, grouping photos and videos by date. You can go through and add thoughts, tag friends and adjust the layouts with a few taps. Heyday even has 18 exclusive photo filters to help you capture the mood of the chosen memory. (And we know how people love their filters.)

In short, it’s pretty effortless on your part. Simply download the app from iTunes, grant Heyday access to your photos and location info and the app handles the rest, automatically assembling collages of your pictures so you can relive your…heyday.

It does all the heavy lifting for you, choosing photos with faces, opting for shots with good lighting and lots of color, while excluding photos that are too dark. It even prevents duplicates.

Then you get to go through and put the finishing touches on your memories, swapping out shots as you see fit and playing around with those previously mentioned exclusive filters which have cool names like “Epic” and “Wistful.”

And here’s another cool thing: they’re your memories. Unlike other social media outlets, Heyday is private and intended for you – everything is private by default. Think of it as a doctored up Facebook Timeline for your eyes only.

Rest assured, you can share whatever you’d like with easy options for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email or text message. But first and foremost, Heyday is intended to be your visual journal, a high tech virtual shoebox of memories that fits in your pocket.

The app stores everything locally on your phone, meaning increased privacy. However, you can select the “cloud sync” setting, allowing the app to backup your content to Heyday’s servers, encrypting it during transmission to keep it safe and private.

“We spent the last two years building and rebuilding Heyday to reimagine every step of the journaling experience: starting, writing, beautifying and reliving your memories,” said Siqi Chen, CEO and co-founder of Heyday.

“After trying just about every variation of what a journaling experience could be on iPhone, we’ve distilled Heyday down to its core and made full use of the capabilities of iPhone and iPod touch. I trust Heyday to remember the story of my life and hope Heyday helps millions of others around the world to remember theirs in a beautiful, effortless and fun way.”

Your iDevice is a truly personal device. Many people consider them to be an extension of themselves, so it’s only natural that Heyday was designed with this personal connection in mind.

“As an avid journaler before building Heyday, I knew that the experience of reliving the great moments in life was powerful and universal, “ said Alex Le, Heyday co-founder and Vice President of Product. “With Heyday, we sought to bring that experience to everyone by completely transforming the journaling experience to be effortless, beautiful and serendipitous. Heyday gives you the super power of a perfect memory by crafting your journal automatically and by surprising you with the rediscovery of moments in life that you never want to forget.”

Heyday got its start thanks to $2 million in start-up capital from heavy-hitters like Google Ventures, Spark Capital, TriplePoint Capital, CrunchFund, SV Angel and a long line of entrepreneurs who wanted in on the seed round of funding.

The app is available for free, but there’s more good news: the San Francisco-based company isn’t going to clutter up your beautiful journal with pop-up ads throughout. Although the app is currently free, it seems likely that an expansion is not far off, perhaps offering a more robust subscription version, following the lead of Dropbox and Evernote.

With all the other social media out there, Heyday sets itself apart by focusing not on what the user shares with the world, but on the user. "It fulfills an itch that users didn't know they had until Heyday. If you forget what you did a year ago, you basically forget that you forgot, so that time that you lived disappears. We think that's really sad," explains Chen.

Finally, an app that is truly all about YOU.