Android, iOS Users Can Now Get Free Songs From Their Spotify App
December 11, 2013

Android, iOS Users Can Now Get Free Songs From Their Spotify App

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

Spotify announced on Wednesday it would be giving people using mobile devices free access to millions of songs.

The music streaming service opened up its services to anyone using an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone free of charge. The new free product will include ads, similar to Pandora radio stations.

“From today, Spotify gives you access to millions of songs across your mobile devices for free. Listen to all your playlists, discover new music, or simply sit back and dig into your favourite artist’s entire back catalogue,” Spotify said in a statement.

The free product doesn’t come without its limitations. Although users will be able to listen to a playlist created for free, they will not be able to just select a song to start listening to. Instead, they will only be able to listen to a playlist by shuffling. Users who upgrade to the paid service are able to listen to any music for free anytime, just like before. This new Spotify methodology opens up the door for users who have been relying on free services like Pandora or iTunes Radio.

Other free streaming services build playlists based on artists, so users who want to listen to Coldplay may have to also listen to other artists with similar music. Spotify’s new free service allows users to solely listen to a single artist rather than just a few songs here and there.

“Want to listen to a certain artist? Just hit shuffle play, sit back and listen to their entire catalogue. Don’t settle for something similar. Don’t settle for just one track from the artist you want to hear every 20 minutes,” Spotify said in a statement.

Users will also be able to create playlists from artists they love, or even access some of the playlists that Spotify has pre-made.

“Going for a jog or to the gym? We’ve got the playlist to help you go the extra mile. We know you just want the perfect music for a specific moment in time – and we’ve got you covered. There’s something for every mood, genre or moment,” Spotify said.

The company said tablets are becoming the new desktops, so enabling these devices to use Spotify for free is a big step.

“Today we’re giving people the best free music experience in the history of the smartphone and the tablet,” Daniel Ek, founder and CEO at Spotify, said in a statement. “Whether you’re going to the gym, or having a party with friends. Just sit back and let Spotify serve you great music for every moment of your life.”

Spotify also announced it has expanded its music service to an additional 20 markets around the world, bringing the total of markets to 55. These new markets will be able to access the free mobile app from day one.

Led Zeppelin will begin offering up the legendary Swan Song/Atlantic catalog music on Spotify this week for the first time. Users will be able to stream songs from Led Zeppelin’s first two albums starting today, with additional albums being released at midnight local time each day for the next four days.