Yahoo Mail Outage Angers Users, Company Says Fix Is On The Way
December 11, 2013

Yahoo Mail Outage Angers Users, Company Says Fix Is On The Way

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Some Yahoo! Mail users have been unable to access their accounts for more than a day, and the Web portal is blaming the outage on an unspecified “hardware problem” that has been difficult to fix, Reuters and other media outlets are reporting today.

According to Alexei Oreskovic of the wire service, Yahoo! vice president of communications Jeffrey Bonforte said the company’s engineers should have the issue fixed by 3pm PST (6pm EST) Wednesday. Bonforte did not reveal how many users were affected by the outage, but claimed it started at 10:27pm PST Monday night.

Earlier today, Los Angeles Times reporter Salvador Rodriguez said he had received multiple emails and reviewed several Twitter posts from users voicing their complaints about the issue and looking for answers. Some of them claimed to have been unable to access their accounts for three days.

Additionally, while Yahoo! said that users would be able to access their emails by using the Yahoo! Mail smartphone app, Rodriguez said many users cast doubt on the veracity of those claims. At least three Twitter users were quoted by the Times reporter as stating they could not get their email on tablets or smartphones, either.

“Yahoo first acknowledged the outage early Tuesday afternoon Eastern time in a post on its Facebook page, as well as on Twitter,” said Zach Miners of IDG News Service. Miners added that Bonforte described the issue as “harder to fix than we originally expected” and said dozens of employees were working on a solution.

“Yahoo Mail may be a free webmail service that most use for personal emails, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not mission-critical for some of its users,” added TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez. “It may not be powering business communications on the scale of something like Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps, but a multi-day outage still needs to be communicated about and addressed in a more upfront fashion.”

Unfortunately for Yahoo!, the mail issue isn’t the only problem the company is facing right now, according to Perez. The TechCrunch writer said the Internet firm is also currently coping with negative feedback resulting from its recent shuttering of web hosting and email services associated with their prior relationship with AT&T/SBC.

While Yahoo! told Perez it notified users of those services, several business owners who apparently missed the memo report their business websites were closed and expressed difficulty in getting them back online.