Paul Walker Most Searched Person, Trending Topic On Google In 2013
December 17, 2013

Paul Walker Most Searched Person, Trending Topic On Google In 2013

Peter Suciu for - Your Universe Online

This year has not been without news, but the recent deaths of actor Paul Walker and former South African President Nelson Mandela topped the list of top-trending searches for 2013. “Paul Walker,” "Boston Marathon Bombing," and "Nelson Mandela" were the three top trending search terms on Google’s global list of searches, respectively.

For 2013, the search giant surveyed the results of 72 countries, which is the largest sample Google has ever undertaken.

“Every day, around the world, we search. We want to find out more about our heroes, explore far-away destinations, or settle a dinner table dispute between friends. And sometimes we just search to find out how many calories are in an avocado,” Google posted on its official blog on Tuesday. “In our annual Year-End Zeitgeist (‘spirit of the times’), we reflect on the people, places, and moments that captured the world’s attention throughout the year. This year marks our most global Zeitgeist to date—with 1,000+ top 10 lists across categories like Trending People, Most-Searched Events and Top Trending Searches from 72 countries.”

The top 10 global trending searches for 2013 was rounded out by: iPhone 5s, Cory Monteith, Harlem Shake, Boston Marathon, Royal Baby, Samsung Galaxy s4, PlayStation 4 and North Korea.

According to Google, the company tracked one trillion searches for its annual “Zeitgeist list.” In addition, the search giant offered a breakdown of people in different parts of the world who conducted very different searches.

The Washington Post noted, “Google provided The Washington Post with a list of the top trending terms and searches specifically for the DC region, which show off a bit of the area’s character. For example: Google’s data show Washington-area residents want to know what twerking is, but they don’t necessarily want to do it.”

Beyond twerking, politics and policy were the most searched terms in the nation’s capital, not surprisingly. Top terms for the DC area included: sequestration, the Defense of Marriage Act, Obamacare, Bitcoins and hummus – to which the Post pondered, “Why is DC so behind in hummus education?”

Up in Boston the paper noted the government shutdown didn’t make the top 10 list, as it was eclipsed by searches for the Red Sox and other area sports teams.

Across the pond, the top searches were somewhat different from what Americans were searching for.

The BBC reported Facebook topped its list of the most searched-for terms in the UK in 2013. YouTube, Google, Hotmail, eBay, BBC News, Amazon, Daily Mail, Argos and Yahoo! rounded out the UK's top 10 search terms.

For the overall searches, Google further broke the trending down by topics, noting for events, the Boston Marathon beat out the Government Shutdown, VMAs and even the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

For annual events, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Daytona 500, Chinese New Year and Tour de France were among the most popular searches. Actors Walker and Monteith were among the top people, followed by Aaron Hernandez, Adrian Peterson and Miley Cyrus.

Google also offered a diverse number of top charts covering such topics as calorie searches, car companies, celebrity break-ups, celebrity pregnancies and cocktails.