Simmakers Ltd Achieves Supercomputer Speed on Nvidia GPUs Supporting CUDA Technology

December 17, 2013

A novel technology by Simmakers Ltd makes it possible to assess the reliability of constructions and roads in northern regions for several minutes on a common PC with a CUDA-supported graphics card.

Moscow, Russia (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

Simmakers Ltd, a Russian CAE software development company, achieved new computational speeds on Nvidia GPUs due to the implementation of an innovative numerical method developed by company’s mathematicians.

It is generally known that seasonal ground thawing and freezing negatively impacts all constructions in northern regions and reliable design of safe constructions requires computer simulation of thermal processes in the ground. Until now, the massive calculations involved could only be performed by resource-intensive workstations which implied significant capital expenditure.

The same process can now be achieved so quickly with the above mentioned algorithm that Simmakers experts performed a 2-year thermal forecast for a 1500x1000x100 feet geotechnical site, sampled into 13 million cells, in just 30 minutes. All on a common PC with the GeForce GTX 660 graphics card supporting CUDA technology.

This new numerical method already drives the Simmakers CAE Platform, which is aimed at the simulation of heat treatment, welding, temperature modes of machinery and electronic devices; as well as in the Frost 3D software for the simulation of ground freezing and thawing.

In addition to thermal processes, the new numerical method can find application in the modeling of fluid dynamics, electrodynamics, stress-strain, diffusion, etc. The simulation of these processes is highly sought after in numerous industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, construction, energy and engineering.

This high-performance technology developed by Simmakers makes it possible to significantly increase the speed of computer simulation and can steer the development of next-generation CAE software.

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