Facebook Dislike Sticker
December 19, 2013

Facebook’s New Sticker Pack Includes ‘Dislike’

Enid Burns for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Facebook has included a thumbs down sticker in its latest sticker pack for Facebook Messenger. The new stickers are available for iOS, Android and the web.

The new sticker pack includes the thumbs up icon that is ubiquitous on the social network to symbolize "Like." It also includes a thumbs up with stars, as well as a hand holding a heart, and a hand offering flowers. Details of the new sticker pack were first reported on AllFacebook. Other variations of the hand appear in the sticker pack, including a bandaged hand, a thumbs up with flames, and a fist and a pointing finger, among other symbols.

Sticker packs were first introduced for Facebook Messenger on mobile platforms in April, and later for the web version of Facebook Messenger. The new options are currently limited to Messenger. It is possible that Facebook observes the use of such stickers, or buttons, to seed out to other parts of Facebook.

To date the social network has avoided providing a "Dislike" button of any kind. If a Dislike button became available across all of Facebook, it would become possible for users to use it on ads that run in the News Feed.

The new set of stickers based on the thumbs up icon is a product of a Facebook hackathon. While it hasn't become a part of Facebook, it was recently discussed that a "Sympathize" button was well received at a hackathon.

Facebook users have made a case for a Dislike button, or a thumbs down symbol that they can use for certain discussion. Users have actually petitioned for the button, the Daily Dot reports. Facebook has not complied, and says that a dislike button isn't appropriate, or has the potential to open all discussions up to undue criticism.

This year the Like button has gotten some attention. In February a Dutch programmer filed a lawsuit, claiming it violated a patent. More recently Facebook refreshed the Like button. The new button is more focused on the concept of Like than a thumbs up. Since people still identify the thumbs up with Facebook's Like concept, it is still part of the liking activity, just a little bit more in the background.

Messenger is a small portion of Facebook, and a good place to experiment on how a new button will be used and received. The iMessage Facebook Messenger has outpaced text messaging in some cases. And this year Facebook added a voice feature to the Messenger app, which was quickly followed up with the same function for Messenger on the iOS platform.

To get the stickers users can go to the chat feature on Facebook on the web or mobile. Users can click on the smiley logo in the bottom right of the chat window, and then click on the shopping cart to open the "Sticker Store." In the Sticker Store the new sticker pack is titled "Likes."