LG Lifeband Touch Leaked By Twitter User Ahead Of International CES
December 31, 2013

LG Lifeband Touch Leaked By Twitter User Ahead Of International CES

Enid Burns for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

One week before the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas and the announcements are already leaking out to various websites. The latest news was leaked by Twitter user @evleaks.

On Tuesday @evleaks posted an image of what is believed to be the LG Lifeband Touch, CNET reports. The photo and name are all the details available, yet it is enough to assume that LG will make an announcement about the Lifeband Touch at CES next week.

If the LG Lifeband Touch is real, it is a wearable fitness tracker. Such devices can track and record movement including how many steps taken by a user. Some of the more advanced devices can count actual flights of stairs climbed, count calories and track sleep.

LG will make its entry into the wearable market with the Lifeband Touch, that is if this device is real. The wearable market is expected to grow to $19 billion by 2018, according to a recent report released by Juniper Research.

The news of LG's entrance into the wearable market is not new. Rumors previously surfaced that LG was working on wearable technology, CNET's Don Reisinger reports. LG has been in the rumor mill lately.

Last week rumors circulated that LG would release a pair of wearable devices, The Verge reports. The two devices were rumored to be called the G-Arch and G-Health. LG denied any plans for either of the devices.

While this would be LG's entry into the market, last year the company teased about a future smart activity tracker at CES, according to VentureBeat. While it never came to fruition, there was talk that the teased device would be out this past summer.

Any new entry to the wearable market has a bar it has to pass.

New developments include the Fitbit Force, which includes an altimeter to track altitude including how many stairs climbed or incline traveled during a hike. The forthcoming smart wristband from Airo promises to monitor stress levels.

The wearable market has become crowded with companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Nike, Adidas and other new entries into the market. In addition to activity-monitoring smartbands, several smartwatches have also hit the market that can monitor activity as well as run other apps. The Fitbit Force straddles both by including a watch on a slim band.

A number of smartwatches are expected to be announced and hit the market over the next few months. Apple is among the companies expected to release a smart watch some time in the next few months. Google is another company expected to release a smart watch in the future.

Some have already made it to the market. In September, Samsung announced its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

An LG band may be able to offer an advantage by creating functionality with LG smartphone users. While the band is likely to connect to any smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, if the band is marketed as a companion to LG smartphones, or a particular model handset, it could do well within that niche.