Courseload Releases Courseload Engage Learning Application for Faculty and Students

January 7, 2014

Latest Release Creates an Integrated Learning Experience with Enhanced Usability and Engagement

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Courseload, an institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and digital course materials in higher education, today announced the release of Courseload Engage (Engage), its next generation application designed to enhance engagement and collaboration between students and instructors.

The Engage release is punctuated by a focus on usability, informed by Courseload’s commitment to extensive testing with instructors and students. Based on the belief that tools for learning should incorporate the user-design innovations that have emerged in recreational computing, Engage brings the “best of the best” to its users.

“As a student who is constantly using technology, I find Engage much more intuitive and easy to navigate than many of the other tools I’m using for my classwork. While I enjoyed using the previous version of Courseload, I’m discovering some new features and finding little tweaks that make some of my favorite features more effective,” said Violeta Geanina Tregoning, a student at Boise State University and an early tester of Engage.

In addition to user-centered design enhancements, Engage reinforces Courseload’s leadership in:

    --  Engagement-driven learning experiences constructed by faculty and
        instructional designers around all course materials, regardless of
        source or type.
    --  Social teaching and learning with efficient workflows that encourage
        interaction and active learning environments.
    --  Analytics-driven understanding of content use and potential learning
        roadblocks through real-time data capture and enhanced visualizations.

According to Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer for Courseload, user research and testing will remain at the foundation of Courseload’s development process. “We will continue to employ field research to understand the day-to-day needs of our users to ensure that our design is solving these challenges and that we’re developing products that enrich the learning environment while being a pleasure to use.”

Engage is the first in a new and growing portfolio of applications designed around role-specific challenges, such as course design, accessible content mediation and administrative analysis. “With the release of Engage, we’re deploying a new architecture that enables us to respond quickly to user feedback, to swiftly develop new applications for specific user roles, and to easily integrate with other elements of the rapidly evolving learning technology ecosystem,” said Mickey Levitan, Courseload CEO.

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Courseload is the leading institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and other digital course materials in higher education. Through a business model inclusive of all stakeholders, innovative technology, and services that support change management, Courseload is solving the problems that have slowed the uptake of digital course materials and enabling its institutional partners to increase access, lower costs and improve student success. Learn more: www.Courseload.com.

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