Twitter New Look
January 14, 2014

Twitter Makeover Makes Web More Like Mobile App

Enid Burns for - Your Universe Online

Twitter has tweaked its look and feel to be more like its iOS and Android apps. The changes are expected to roll out soon, according to a recent tweet from @Twitter. A screenshot attached to the tweet displays an example of what the microblogging site will look like.

Twitter is still in the process of rolling out the changes to all of its users, VentureBeat reports. Only a handful of users had seen the new site by Tuesday morning.

Once the revamped Twitter becomes available, users will see their profile photo and header photo, as well as the basic stats of number of tweets, following and followers in the top left corner. Tweets still take up the bulk of the screen, about two-thirds of the page. Below the user account will be suggested users and trends to follow.

While the look will be new to users, the new Twitter is not a major departure from the old structure. The sidebar will contain an area to compose tweets, which previously required the user to click on the compose button to enter a tweet in a pop-up text box.

Basic functions on Twitter have not dramatically changed. "The tweets stream itself looks fairly untouched. You still get those great in-line photos that we're still glad Twitter included," VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly wrote.

Twitter takes a page from its mobile learning with this new redesign. It also makes the web and mobile more unified, said VentureBeat. "Overall the changes are small, though they do show that Twitter — like many social networks including Facebook — are starting to care more about their mobile presence. Perhaps even more than their web presence. Brands likely will want to keep their looks cohesive and easy to access for those who don’t have the official app downloaded."

While the basic functions remain the same on the new Twitter, some users have found issues even before the new look has been rolled out to all users.

"@twitter But for those of us with multiple accounts, you've made switching between them extremely difficult. =(" tweeted @chadwingerd.

Another Twitter user, @MikeIsaac, posted "@twitter you really had to do this right now, didnt you" which was backed up by a tweet from @danprimack "@MikeIsaac when it rains, it craps all over you..."

While some users have discovered that a few features they use have been hampered - such as switching between multiple accounts - Twitter actually built in the ability to personalize profiles. Users will be able to add accent colors from the settings menu. However, this might not be enough to appease some of Twitter's power users who run multiple accounts or have other needs that were not addressed in this update.

The navigation bar has changed color and style. It mirrors what is present in the mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. Some of the icons have also gotten an update, including the direct message symbol.

Power users will have to wait to get some functions addressed. "This is only an aesthetic update - no new functionality was added to nor has anything changed on the service's mobile apps," TheNextWeb's Ken Yeung wrote.