MVG Launches the new StarLab Totally Redesigned Inside and Out

January 15, 2014

The StarLab, MVG’s compact and portable multi-purpose antenna test lab has been enhanced with new capabilities and a brand new look

PARIS, January 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

An effective tool for antenna measurement where space is limited, cost is critical and
the flexibility of a portable system is required, the StarLab has provided years of
service to the Telecom, Aerospace & Defense, and Automobile industries, as well as to
research institutions. Today, this top selling product has been moved into the spotlight
as MVG’s first totally redesigned product, inside and out.

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The StarLab has undergone a complete transformation to give it extended capabilities
as well as a new look for an improved user experience. The new StarLab covers frequency
bands as low as 650MHz and up to 18 GHz, its measurement speed has been further improved,
and its typical dynamic range has been increased to fully support WiFi, LTE and upcoming
protocols. The arch has been enhanced with built-in fiber optic lighting to facilitate
visibility of the device under test and has been equipped with rubberized absorbers for a
longer life span and a dust free environment. It can now be considered for use in a clean
room. These improvements come in addition to the capabilities that are behind the
historical success of StarLab: the capacity to perform both passive antenna and OTA
measurements and either spherical or cylindrical geometries using oversampling by arch
rotation. Auto calibration, a key feature of the original StarLab, has also been improved.

The software included in the StabLab package has been upgraded as well. SAM3, designed
to drive OTA measurements, improves upon its predecessor and offers a much more
user-friendly interface and features new capabilities such as batch measurements and an
integrated viewer.

MVG, as a frontrunner in the industry, has decided to change its corporate colors to
better highlight its innovative outlook and reflect the quality of its products and
services. It has chosen this flagship product to make its mark.

“The StarLab was the first of its kind as an all- in-one compact and portable antenna
measurement tool. It continues to be a very practical and reliable device for many
satisfied customers. But, the market is evolving and we believe our products and systems
should do the same. Our strong R&D focus on innovation also brings results for
advancements on our existing products. This time we added the external design factor. The
new StarLab marks the beginning of another unique experience for both us and our
customers.” Says Gianni Barone, MVG’s Global Sales Director.


MICROWAVE VISION Group – MVG – (NYSE-Euronext: ALMIC) is a leading global manufacturer
of antenna test and measurement systems for the Telecommunications, Automotive, Defense
and Aerospace industries, as well as for academic research. With the recent acquisition of
REMC, specialists in shielded chambers for anechoic, EMC and screened room solutions, MVG
offers the broadest range and most innovative technology of its kind in the respective
markets. The company brings together the high-precision electronic scanners developed by
SATIMO using its “microwave vision” technology, ORBIT/FR products developed through a
state-of-the-art technology of high-performance positioners and electromechanical
scanners, AEMI high performing absorbing materials, and now REMC provider of specialized
shielded chambers. MVG is located in 9 countries – France, Italy, Germany, UK, Sweden,
USA, Israel, China, and Japan, and has more than 300 employees. The group boasts a wide
client base including several large international companies. MVG achieved a turnover of
EUR 46.2 million for the year end 31 December 2012. MVG has been awarded the OSEO
certification “Innovative Company”. Alternext, code ISIN FR 0004058949 | For more
information, visit: http://www.microwavevision.com





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