January 22, 2014

Ariadne Capital Advises on More Than £50 million of Investment into European High-Growth Digital Enablers During 2013

LONDON, January 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Builds Senior Executive Team to Seize Financial Services Technology

Entrepreneurship Funding Opportunity

Ariadne Capital, founded in 2000 and backed by 62 leading technology and private
equity entrepreneurs, today announced more than GBP50 million of investments on which it
has advised in 2013.

In 2013, Ariadne also expanded its team of Directors to include Paul Burniston as CFO
and a Partner in the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund. Burniston, who was COO at
Interactive Investor for 9 years and AMP for 5 years, joined Amit Pau (ex AT&T, MD -
Vodafone) who joined in 2012 and Ian Findlay, Director of M&A (ex EMAP) in 2008.

Backing financial services technology entrepreneurship

Building on its 13 year track record of backing high growth companies with disruptive
economic models, Ariadne is currently focused on financial services technology firms both
at the seed and early stage / series A through the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund
(target GBP50 million AUM) as well as advising later stage, globally expanding firms
through Ariadne Capital Corporate Finance.

Ariadne, which advised Monitise (NASDAQ MONIF) that today has a market capitalisation
of GBP1.2 billion, co-advised on the GBP30 million funding round into Seamless, a rapidly
growing Swedish mobile payments firm, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange with a
GBP174.30 million market capitalisation, which closed in November 2013.

Ariadne is also a shareholder in Moneydashboard which secured GBP2.7 million of
funding from Calculus Capital in November 2013, was the sole financial advisor to
financial services price comparison engine BeatThatQuote on its 122 EBITDA multiple exit
to Google in 2011, and was an advisor and shareholder to Zopa the peer to peer lending
exchange in its early years.

Financing that matches European ambition

Julie Meyer MBE, Chairman and CEO of Ariadne Capital says: "Europe has some
outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams. I set up Ariadne Capital at the beginning
of the post dotcom downturn to ensure that they get the financing that matches their

During 2013, Ariadne Capital also advised on:

        - The GBP2.4 million funding of leading Finnish mediatech firm Scoopshot,
          which provides an assignment tool for photographers globally, by Conor Venture
          Partners and Finnish Industry Investment
        - The funding of Cardiff-based Object Matrix, by leading tech investor, Bob
          Morton, which provides near-line plug and play storage solutions for major
        - The funding of Lime & Tonic, the global experience company with a city wide
        - The investment into PIE Mapping, a big data play in the transport market that
          provides routing solutions

It has also secured:

        - more than GBP1.5 million of financing through its EntrepreneurCountry
          Crowdcube Partnership for start-ups, and
        - term sheets for a further GBP4 million of deals that will complete in early

M&A is the new R&D

Ian Findlay, Ariadne's Director of M&A, says: "M&A is the new R&D, and early-stage
firms can - despite their relatively low P&L value - have a disproportionate impact on the
companies that embrace them. The key for us when advising a management team is to focus
and articulate the `strategic fit` - the value that the young, digital firm brings to the
larger enterprise which has the distribution required for the start-up to scale."

"We see a landscape of collaborative company-building between the Digital David's and
the Goliaths who are the 'highway' for digital cars who need distribution, scale, reach
and audience," Julie Meyer added.

Amit Pau, Director, Ariadne Capital and EntrepreneurCountry, adds: "Technology is no
longer an industry; it is a layer across all industries," adds "Whether banks, telcos,
retailers or newspaper groups, the 'digital enablers' that we fund - and secure funding
for -are transforming the established industries."


About Ariadne Capital

Ariadne Capital is the investment firm founded by Julie Meyer in 2000 with 62 other
leading entrepreneurs such as the founders of Easynet, Hotmail, WorldPay, SES Astra,
Staffware, Element 14, Brokat, ENBA, NetPartners, SportingBet and BetFair. Ariadne
pioneered the 'Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs' model for the financing of
entrepreneurship at the institutional level in Europe in 2000, has syndicated GBP300m of
investments, manages the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund whose Limited Partners
co-invest actively in the portfolio, and has backed several explosive growth companies
such as Espotting, Skype, Monitise, Zopa, BeatThatQuote and SoundOut.

Since 2008, Ariadne Capital has advised on more than forty transactions including:

- 22 funding rounds

- 10 sell-side M&A deals

- 7 buy-side M&A deals

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