Governor Cuomo Creates Plan on Legalizing Medical Marijuana in New York

January 24, 2014

As Governor Andrew Cuomo announces plans to legalize medical marijuana in New York, A&A Packaging prepares to meet the new marijuana packaging requirements.

Commerce, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2014

The state of New York may have just taken its first big steps toward legalizing medical marijuana. On Jan. 11th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his plan to enact a medical marijuana pilot program that will include 20 hospitals in the state as reported by the Washington Post. If this leads to medical marijuana legislation, it would represent a big win for activists who have struggled for the acceptance of medical cannabis. As a major cultural center in the United States, New York’s decision may lead to other states seriously considering medical marijuana laws.

Governor Cuomo’s plan is based on an existing law that permits dispensing drugs at up to 20 hospitals as part of a research experiment, so it does not require new legislation. For this reason, advocates of medical marijuana are less than thrilled with the announcement. As 20 other states in the union currently have medical marijuana laws on the books, they are dubious about whether the Governor is going far enough according to CNN. “I’m absolutely thrilled that he’s actually verbalized the words ‘medical marijuana,’” 52 year old New York medical marijuana patient Susan Rusinko told the Washington Post. “He’s just got to go further.” Activists are concerned that patients like Susan would not qualify based on limitations of this program.

Even opponents of this measure admit that this was an astute move by the Governor, permitting him to use existing legislation to bypass a state legislature that has considered and rejected medical marijuana in the past. In addition to the 20 states with medical marijuana laws, Washington and Colorado have legalized cannabis for recreational use. “This is another state that is slowly beginning to move in the direction that America is heading” says a representative of vialsondemand.com, California-based company specializing in supplying pharmaceutical supplies to medical marijuana dispensaries. “We are dedicated to the patients whose maladies can be treated with medical cannabis, and we will be ready when New York becomes the 21st state to make medical marijuana legal and available to them.”

In the other states that have made medical marijuana widely available, safety has been a major concern. Vialsondemand.com has been a major supplier of medical cannabis dispensary supplies that meet or exceed the strongest regulations for potentially dangerous medications. New York may follow suit given the recent child poisoning cases in Colorado “Medical marijuana is a medication, and should only be sold in pharmaceutical grade opaque containers with reverse caps to prevent accidental ingestion,” Vials On Demand’s representative says. “We are well positioned to meet the needs of pharmacies and dispensaries alike.”

A&A Packaging is a California-based company that specializes in providing medication storage containers and packaging supplies for customers and dispensaries of medical marijuana. For more information on state complaint labeling and packaging, please contact A&A at (888) 315-2453. They can also visit their website by at http://www.vialsondemand.com.

For more information on New York’s new program announced on 1/11/14, visit the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/ny-governor-takes-careful-step-on-medical-marijuana/2014/01/11/88c6caee-7b00-11e3-af7f-13bf0e9965f6_story.html.

For more on the response of medical marijuana advocates published by CNN on 1/5/14 visit CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/05/us/new-york-medical-marijuana/.

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