Driving Simulation Company Stisim Driver Suggests a Method to Safer Driving as Texting-While-Driving Law in Virginia Busts 700 Plus Drivers

February 3, 2014

Virginia Police recorded 700 plus violations against the state's new texting-while-driving law, said a report. In connection with it, driving simulation company Stisim Drive suggested a modern method of driving training to help drivers stay safe while behind the wheel.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) February 03, 2014

The Virginia State Police has recorded hundreds of violations to its newly implemented texting-while-driving law. And one with the police's aim of keeping the roads safe, driving simulation company Stisim Drive, in response, then suggested a method of how drivers could better their on-the-wheel skills and prevent accidents.

A report from wavy.com, published on January 31, 2014, specified that the state had 725 violations of the said law on file. It detailed that the number covered the period from July 1, 2013, when the new law became a primary offense, up to December 31, 2013.

It was said in the report that the texting-while-driving law fines drivers $125 for the first offense. Subsequent violations, it related, requires the drivers to pay $250.

Besides the texting-while-driving ban, the report shared that the state's General Assembly also plans to limit the use of cellphones among provisional drivers.

Below is an excerpt from the said report.

“Virginia had recorded 725 convictions during the first six months of a texting-while-driving law, which made the distracted-driving practice a primary offense.

The preliminary numbers from the Department of Motor Vehicles cover a period from July 1 through the end 2013. They show that the majority of the convictions occurred in heavily traveled northern Virginia and the sprawling, densely populated Hampton Roads area, but virtually every county recorded at least one conviction.”

Texting creates distraction while driving, cited Stisim Drive. That, it pointed out, could then result to various road accidents that could injure or even kill a person.

Because of the risks that it presents, the company commented that every state should also ban people from doing it while they are behind the wheel. And so they could stay even safer, it recommended driving training with a driving simulator.

Modern as it is, Stisim Drive said that a driving simulation system offers a training that is safe and diverse. It explained that it allows drivers to practice on various road scenarios without risking anyone's safety or wrecking a vehicle.

However, of all the driving simulators, it stated that the best to get are the ones it offers. It cited that they are not like the others as they are products of a company with 25 years experience in the industry.

Moreover, with its Stisim Driver software, the company asserted its machines were made truly functional and reliable. It explained that it is programmable with a database of all the possible road scenes, hence, it could fit anyone's needs. As it added, it is also cost-effective and could even be used for rehabilitation and research.

For more information about Stisim Drive and its driving simulation products, readers could visit its website at stisimdrive.com.

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