User Interface Software Dizmo Launches on Kickstarter

February 4, 2014

LONDON, February 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Dizmo hopes to raise $25,000 in crowdfunding for Minority Report-style


Today dizmo [http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/114216817/193665532?token=39368b83 ]
launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $25 on an early bird special,
dizmo is an innovative user-interface software which allows you to interact with any
advanced display or digital surface thanks to a Minority Report-style technology.


dizmo means that you can interact with content in an intuitive and immediate way,
visualizing and controlling wireless devices, sensors and controls, bringing all your
technology together within the Smart Home. This interface interaction mimics the
technology many have come to love in popular media, from CSI to Iron Man, Minority Report
and even as far back as 2001: A Space Odyssey. The creative software behind dizmo allows
simulations, charts, images, live websites and videos to all coexist and be moved, rotated
and interacted with like physical objects on any digital surface.

Matthias Aebi, Founder and CEO & CTO at dizmo, explains: “While hardware performance
continues to grow, today’s software feel inadequate in comparison. The traditional use of
icons on a desktop screen was invented in the 70s and 80s, and we want to create something
that brings digital content into 2014 in a natural and intuitive way. dizmo is an ideal
tool for both consumers and developers, providing a multitasking and versatile environment
that connects your digital life as part of the Smart Home and Internet of Things. After 4
years building this technology, we can’t wait to share the concept with the Kickstarter
community and get their feedback.”

Developers can use dizmo as a tool to connect applications and services such as
Arduino or Rasberry Pi, while those at home can navigate a digital book of recipes to
prepare their favorite dish while following friends on Twitter, keeping an eye on the
front door webcam and participating in a video call, all on the same touchscreen. dizmo is
easy to use and installable on any standard OS such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

The dizmo space is also the ideal environment for workgroup collaboration, whether at
home, in the office or an educational environment. By providing an infinite digital space
with a zoomable user interface, dizmo unifies the interaction with your various digital
applications as well as allowing you to synchronize, move and share dizmos between various
devices, across rooms or locations. You can even build your own dizmos and dock dizmos
together, allowing technology to communicate and work together in a truly connected
digital world.


        - dizmo consists of two main elements, dizmo space and dizmos ("digital
        - Multi-platform application (written in optimized C++ and compiled for 32 and
          64 Bit systems)
        - Separate installer for Windows and OS X and as a binary or package for Debian
          or Ubuntu
        - Control your dizmo setup using any touch screen, interactive surface or also
          with a standard pointing device such as a mouse or infrared pen
        - Based on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
        - Provides industry standard debugging environment (Web Inspector)
        - Built-in access to standard JS libraries such as jQuery and Joose. Option to
          add your own libraries and frameworks
        - Uses WebKit as a rendering engine

Operating Systems currently supported:

        - Mac OS X 10.7. and later
        - Windows 7 and later
        - Linux (Ubuntu)

Minimal recommended Hardware:

        - Dual core processor or better > 2.0 GHz
        - 2 GByte Memory, 250 MByte disk space
        - Hardware support for OpenGL, >1 GByte dedicated video RAM

You can back dizmo on their Kickstarter page
[http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/114216817/193665532?token=39368b83 ] now; the product
version of the software will be available from June 2014. dizmo is also available with the
27″ multi-touch display from Planar as a bundle for a limited number of backers.

Editor’s notes:

High-resolution screenshots, logos and headshots can be found here
[https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tch3nyh3sk0y7mc/jJcdtPTy4_ ].

For more information on the project please visit http://www.dizmo.com

About dizmo [http://www.dizmo.com ]:

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, dizmo is developed by a seasoned team of experts
qualified in building user interfaces, web technology and large scale back-end platforms.
The core management team has more than 100 years’ experience as professionals in the IT
industry, and have successfully founded several start-ups, such as Internet Access AG,
futureLAB Ltd and etoy.

Twitter: @DivertingLife
Skype: heatheraiu

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