Will Quantum Dot Technology Find Its Way Into Apple's Displays?
February 6, 2014

Will Quantum Dot Technology Find Its Way Into Apple’s Displays?

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

New patent applications from Apple are leading some to believe the company is planning to up its game in the display market.

Apple is already known for its “Retina” displays, which purportedly achieve such a high resolution that the eye cannot perceive the pixels. This technology was first implemented by Apple in 2010 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4. Since then, the technology has been pushed to other Apple devices, including the iPad, iPad Mini and Macbook Pro.

While Retina display technology is still slowly being rolled out into all Apple products, the latest patent says the company is already working on its predecessor. According to four patent applications published with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is looking at utilizing quantum dots to help deliver even better color accuracy to the Retina display.

The latest patent applications describe how the quantum dots work in great detail. These patents describe a system in which quantum dots are displayed across a device’s screen, offering blue, red and green wavelengths, as well as better off-axis viewing. The patents have led some to speculate that the technology would be used in products like the iPhone or iPad as a way to enhance color accuracy.

Apple isn’t the only company interested in this technology and if anything it is behind in research when considering major TV manufacturers like Sony, which announced last year at CES about toying with quantum dot technology, according to a CNET report last February.

A new Apple display with more accurate color is not nearly as topical as the hot smartwatch rumors that have been surfacing since last year. Apple’s “iWatch” is almost certainly in development, with the company even looking to hire an Exercise Physiologist to oversee cardiovascular fitness and energy expenditure tests with the device at its main campus, MacRumors reports.

In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged in a memo thanking employees for their hard work in 2013 that the company has “big plans” in 2014 that they “think customers are going to love.” A smartwatch from Apple would not only help it keep up with an already emerging market, but could be the jump start it needs to help its stock price get back up to those soaring numbers.