Survey Reveals Military Officers Text-And-Drive More Than Teens, Stisim Drive Suggests the Help of Driving Simulation Systems to Keep Roads Safer

February 17, 2014

Survey discovered service members likely to text and drive than teens, a report related. In response to it, Stisim Drive advised training on driving simulation systems to help keep the roads safer.

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) February 17, 2014

A survey on dangerous driving practice was recently conducted among active-duty service members. And according to report from mysanantonio.com, it was discovered that military officials are more likely to text while driving than teens. Responding to it, Stisim Drive recommended the help of driving simulation systems in an attempt to help in keeping the roads safe.

In the report, which was posted on February 14, 2014, it was related that the survey was done in 2013. It detailed that it was conducted on 904 servicemen, all of them from the five branches of the military in five cities.

Among those respondents, the post shared that 43 percent of them admitted that they do text while driving. And among the female military officers who joined the poll, it relayed that 53% confessed to having the dangerous habit. Meanwhile among the men, it added that 40% admitted that they do it.

Below is a part of the post.

“Military officers are more likely to text while driving than teenagers, a USAA survey on the dangerous practice found.

The recently released study found 43 percent of military enlistees polled admit to texting while driving and 51 percent of commanding officers confessed to the bad habit. A widely-cited 2012 AT&T study found 43 percent of teen drivers text while driving.”

Texting-while-driving is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving. Because of that, Stisim Drive commented that it would be best for everyone to refrain from doing it.

However, habits as that, said the company aren't the only things that could cause road accidents. It said that the skill and decisions of the drivers could also lead to it. And so, to help improve those aspects of them, Stisim Drive recommended the driving simulation training.

A driving simulator, stated the company, could have someone drive through any road scenario without any risk of accidents no matter how dangerous the situation is. With that, it cited that a driver could practice on it time and again until his skill is honed and he perfected the correct response on specific situations.

Nevertheless, of all the driving simulation systems, Stisim Drive asserted that none beats its own. For 25 years, it stated that they were developed to fit every client's need. And the key to that, it pointed out, it its Stisim Drive software, which is programmable, customizable and loaded with all the possible road scenes.

Not to mention, they are cost effective, added the company. Hence, even in research and rehabilitation, they are a great help, it stated.

To learn more about them, Stisim Drive invites everyone to visit its website at stisimdrive.com.

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