Carillion Chooses Tagetik’s Performance Management Software

February 20, 2014

WOLVERHAMPTON, England and LUCCA, Italy, February 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Leading FTSE 250 integrated support services company to manage its statutory

consolidation and management reporting

processes on Microsoft technology

Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance
Management, Disclosure Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence, today
announced that Carillion plc, a leading integrated support services company based in the
UK and a member of the FTSE 250 Index on the London Stock Exchange (
http://www.carillionplc.com), has selected Tagetik’s platform to manage their
statutory consolidation and management reporting processes on Microsoft technology.

The Tagetik solution will replace Carillion’s existing software. All financial data
processed by Tagetik will be viewed and analyzed through Microsoft Business Intelligence
(BI), via SharePoint Server.

“Our business requirements were growing at a very fast pace and we were embracing a
Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) strategy at the same time,” says Ignacio Llorden, CIO
at Carillion. “We conducted a software selection to choose the most comprehensive software
solution on the market for our current and future needs in Financial Performance
Management; a solution that would deliver industry-specific functionality and fit
perfectly with our IT strategy as well.”

“Carillion was looking for a solution that could cover its budgeting and planning
requirements at divisional level,” continues Alice Allegrini, Head of Sales at Tagetik UK.
“They really appreciated our built-in functionality for advanced cash flow planning
[http://www.tagetik.com/software/pm/cash-flow?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=pr%2Bpr%2B2013results ]
, as well as the software’s unique features which will enable
Carillion to plan and monitor bottom-line profitability by project which is essential in
the construction and support services business.”

“We are delighted to welcome Carillion to our worldwide customer community,” adds
Manuel Vellutini
[http://www.tagetik.com/about/company/management/manuel-vellutini?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=pr%2Bpr%2B2013results ]
- Executive Vice President, Chief Operating
Officer at Tagetik. “I believe the choice of Tagetik further validates our long-lasting,
strategic business relationship with Microsoft. Our software’s tight integration with
their state-of-the-art technology architecture, combined with our strong,
industry-specific financial expertise and experience is a winning recipe to successfully
support the needs of today’s mid-sized to very-large global organizations.”

More information on Tagetik’s tight integration with Microsoft Business Intelligence:


[http://www.tagetik.com/software/bi/bi-ms?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=pr%2Bpr%2B2013results ]

About Carillion
Carillion is a leading integrated support services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/support-services.aspx ] company with a
substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/public-private-partnership.aspx ] and
extensive construction
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/construction-services.aspx ] capabilities.
The Group had annual revenue in 2012 of some GBP4.4 billion, employs around 40,000 people
and operates across the UK
[http://www.carillionplc.com/about-carillion/where-we-operate/uk-and-ireland.aspx ], in the
Middle East
[http://www.carillionplc.com/about-carillion/where-we-operate/middle-east-and-north-africa-%28mena%29.aspx ]
and Canada
[http://www.carillionplc.com/about-carillion/where-we-operate/canada.aspx ].

The Group has four business segments: Support services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/support-services.aspx ]- this includes
facilities management
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/support-services/facilities-management-and-property-services.aspx ]
, facilities services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/support-services/facilities-management-and-property-services.aspx ]
, energy services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/support-services/energy-services.aspx ], rail
services [http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/rail.aspx ], road maintenance
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/roads.aspx ], and utility services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/utilities.aspx ]; Public Private Partnership
(PPP) projects
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/public-private-partnership.aspx ]- this
includes our investing activities in PPP projects in our chosen sectors of defence
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/defence.aspx ], health
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/health.aspx ], education
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/education.aspx ], transport
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/civil-engineering.aspx ], secure, energy services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/energy.aspx ] and other Government
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/central-government.aspx ] accommodation; Middle
East construction services
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/construction-services/middle-east.aspx ]-
this includes our building and civil engineering
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/civil-engineering.aspx ] activities in the Middle
East; Construction services (excluding the Middle East)
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/construction-services.aspx ]- this includes
our consultancy [http://www.tpsconsult.co.uk ], building
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/building.aspx ], civil engineering
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-markets/civil-engineering.aspx ] and developments
activities in the UK and our construction activities in Canada
[http://www.carillionplc.com/our-capabilities/construction-services/canada.aspx ].

To learn more: http://www.carillionplc.com

About Tagetik
Tagetik is one of the fastest growing global software companies in the Performance
Management industry, with operations in more than 20 countries and over 600 customers
worldwide. Tagetik delivers enterprise solutions while providing a ’boutique’ experience,
resulting in the highest level of client satisfaction in the industry.

In the cloud or on-premises, Tagetik 4 is a unified Financial Performance Platform for
the office of finance, delivering budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, close,
reporting, profitability analysis, disclosure management, financial governance, and
business intelligence. Having one solution for these processes improves efficiencies,
reduces risk, saves money and improves the bottom line.

To learn more: http://www.tagetik.com

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