Bluetooth Turns E-Cigarette Into A Mobile phone, Music Player
February 20, 2014

Bluetooth Turns E-Cigarette Into A Mobile Phone, Music Player

Enid Burns for - Your Universe Online

Ring, Ring! Who's There? E-Cigarette.

New Delhi-based Supersmoker Club has just infused the electronic cigarette with Bluetooth so that those getting their daily e-fix can answer phone calls or listen to music while taking a drag.

Three buttons sit below the battery -- volume up and down, as well as a Bluetooth button. When a call comes in the battery will vibrate to signal to the e-cig smoker, who can press the Bluetooth button to answer the call, talking to the caller using the built-in microphone and speaker. Users can also listen to music, using the volume up and down from the buttons on the e-cig.

The device is compatible with any Bluetooth device, and works with Android and iOS.

Supersmoker Club said Bluetooth is the next realistic step for the company, which is looking to stay ahead of the market.

"The Supersmoker Bluetooth has been described to be a revolutionary product which will enable the smokers to experience nicotine free puffs, all the while use the very same device to receive incoming calls and listen to favorite music via Bluetooth. It works this way, there will be a Bluetooth chipset embedded in it, allowing it to hook up to your smartphone or to play music from your predetermined playlist. According to the team of developers who integrated the Bluetooth connectivity into the e-cig, this allows smokers to easily make and receive calls with their e-cig, now how about that? At least it means having one less device to hold in your hand at that point in time," Coolest Gadgets reports.

The Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette is available from a Dutch e-tailer in black, silver and gold for about $117, Engadget reports. A video introducing the Supersmoker Bluetooth claims the device "aesthetically combines the convenience of electronic smoking with modern-day technology."

A demonstration on how calls will be handled was not provided on the video.

Supersmoker has introduced a seemingly awkward Bluetooth headset. Users can speak into the stick and also hear the conversation via a speaker., according to CNET.

"While it seems nearly impossible to suck on something and put it to your ear at the same time, there's no doubt Supersmoker has a workaround for this," CNET's Dara Kerr wrote.

More clarification was offered by the Daily Mail.

"When someone calls the connected phone, Supersmoker users can answer it by pressing the middle button - holding the speaker to their ear and the microphone near their mouth."

The e-cigarette also includes a "sucker" and keychain, "meaning it can be stuck, or hung up, in any location when listening to music," the Daily Mail's Victoria Woollaston wrote.

The Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette will operate the same as other e-cigarettes on the market. Users will be able to recharge the e-cigarette and fill the device with the clearomizer vaping liquid. This includes flavors that have become popular among e-cigarette smokers.

The headset can still be used even when the e-cigarette is turned off. Users can turn off the vaping function of the device and still keep the Bluetooth functionality active, allowing the device to still be used for phone calls or listening to music.