Utimaco Launches the Next-Generation of its HSM Model CryptoServer LAN V4: Easy Servicing, Lower Operational Costs

February 24, 2014

AACHEN, Germany, February 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

For the new CryptoServer LAN V4, Utimaco has dropped the HSM’s operational costs even
further and made its servicing easier. To achieve this, the company has given its flagship
model a completely new housing design while leveraging the same hardware and software.
Thanks to the new design, the network appliance can be serviced during operation from the
front panel, which makes it even more failsafe. At the same time, costs for sending in the
appliance and the subsequent downtime during scheduled servicing are eliminated.

Aachen, 02/24/2014 – The first manufacturer of hardware security modules to do so,
Utimaco has heralded the start of tool-free battery replacement. To date, replacing
batteries in HSMs has meant substantial organizational and financial expenditure due to
the need for special tools and the complicated replacement process. Generally, the
operator sends in the appliance, needing to bridge the downtime and change internal
workflows. “Our LAN appliances have featured a redundant power supply system and expanded
remote monitoring options ever since the previous model. Important criteria for high
availability and reliability. So it is only logical that the next step would be in this
direction and also allowing the batteries to be replaced during operation via a front
panel,” says Dieter Bong, Product Manager CryptoServer for Utimaco.

With the next-generation LAN V4, Utimaco is not only focusing on its end customers,
but also its partners. For the latter, a webinar on the topic of LAN V4 is planned for
February 14, 2014. “For our OEM partners, in particular, the new design is a big plus. The
improvement offers them even more flexibility in light of service and branding thanks to
the increased independence from us as the appliance’s original manufacturer,” adds
Matthias Pankert, Vice President HSM for Utimaco.

You can find all the technical specifications for the new LAN appliance V4 on the
Utimaco HSM website at hsm.utimaco.com/v4-lan.

About Utimaco

Utimaco Safeware AG has been a global leading provider for data encryption and the
related cryptography for 25 years. The division of Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
provides a comprehensive product portfolio for security requirements in industrial
applications including the only freely programmable HSM technology. Utimaco HSM develops
and produces its CryptoServer product lines exclusively in its German headquarters.
Utimaco HSM operates globally through its own sales and service network in Germany and
North America and through its international partner network.

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