Vote Wisely-Texas

February 24, 2014

DALLAS, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — iVotersGuide (iVG) was created to empower Americans with solid data to vote responsibly through an easy-to-use, web- based tool. iVG brings ease to the voting process through the combination of multi-faceted, in depth research on candidates and a sophisticated software engine and delivers current and relevant information on each candidate in the voters defined area.

Americans understand the concept of voting; however, in the majority of elections find themselves lacking necessary information and resources on candidates to make educated and informed decisions past what the current media, or a particular party is telling them which in turns causes many not to exercise the right to vote. With iVG all of the hindrances and obstacles regarding informed and educated determinations on who to vote for are removed and the voter is empowered with details such as donors, endorsements and affiliations that would otherwise remain elusive and cumbersome in discerning.

From its inception iVG was designed with several key attributes: iVG is personalized to the user (address specific); iVG is user friendly, and is a non-partisan resource that covers general elections and selected primaries. With iVG, voters are given the necessary tools to empower them to vote for the candidate they best feel reflects their beliefs. Texans have within their grasp all they need to maintain their constitutional liberties but as such must utilize iVG to hold accountable elected officials. The time is now and each citizen must exercise the right to vote with diligence.

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