New Bill for Easier Implementation of Texting-while-driving Ban Advances, Stisim Drive Also Offers Help to Make Roads Safer and Campaigns for Driving Simulation Training

March 3, 2014

The new bill for easier implementation of the texting-while-driving ban in Utah has advanced, said a report. To also help make the road safer, Stisim Drive suggested to drivers the driving simulation training.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 03, 2014

The new bill in Utah that could make it easier to implement the banning of texting while driving was advanced to the Senate, said a report from sltrib.com. And wanting to also be of help in keeping the roads safe, Stisim Drive recommended to all drivers the driving simulation training.

According to the report, the proposed law was labeled SB253 and was sponsored by Sen. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George. It detailed that it particularly advanced on Friday with the Senate Transportation Committee giving it a vote of 2-1.

Based on the news post, the bill would no longer exempt manual activities as dialing a phone number to make a voice call or putting in coordinates for directions by GPS while driving. And as it cited, that's because it would require hands-free operations.

Nevertheless, the lawmakers wanted that some changes would be made to it, the post added. The reason, it relayed, is because it comes close to completely banning the use of hand-held devices while driving.

Below is an excerpt from the said report.

“A bill to make it easier to enforce Utah’s ban on texting while driving advanced Friday, but lawmakers warned it eventually will die unless it is changed because it comes close now to entirely banning use of hand-held phones while driving.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted 2-1 to send SB253 to the full Senate.”

Driving simulator company Stisim Drive said that texting is a truly a dangerous habit behind the wheel. Therefore, the law that requires drivers not to do it must be effectively implemented, it concluded. And as it stated, it believes that Utah's new bill would surely help it.

Nonetheless, the company cited that besides habits as texting-while-driving, there are many other things that could endanger the lives of the people in the road. One, in particular, that it pointed out is the person's driving skill. And so, to help drivers improve it and, in the process, make themselves stay safer, it advised them to take a driving simulation training.

Stisim Drive stated that training with a driving simulator is cost-effective while being safe. It explained that's because, with it, one could practice driving any type of vehicle at any road situation.

However, of all the driving simulation systems, it asserted that its own are the best. It said that they were developed for more than 25 years, hence, they've been perfected.

Moreover, the company stated that its Stisim Drive software is loaded with all the road scenes drivers might encounter. And because it is programmable and customizable, it said that its simulators could meet any of the clients' need from the machine.

To learn more its products, Stisim Drive invites everyone to its website at stisimdrive.com.

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