WorkPlay “2-in-1″ Technology Now Widely Available to Tablet and Phone Markets

March 4, 2014

HERNDON,Va., March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — InZero Systems of Herndon, VA, creators of WorkPlay Technology to provide hardware-separated operating systems in mobile devices, announced its licensing program to make the Technology widely available to the mobile device market. InZero can customize and license this Technology for most current tablets and mobile phones.

This will create two truly separated operating systems within a device, with instant switching between systems. It adds critical security because any malware in one system cannot access the other. InZero developed the technology to add this layer of protection for devices commonly used both for business and personal activity. When used to keep enterprise and personal activity separated, enterprise data is immune from the security risks created by personal use.

WorkPlay Technology may be included in device providers’ upgrade programs, so it may even be embodied in existing customers’ devices.

“It’s really a simple licensing program,” says InZero’s Chairman, Lou Hughes. “Any mobile device having ARM TrustZone capability can be modified by us to split it, in effect, into two devices.”

Hughes further explained that, “We will provide the necessary technology for each device maker through a permanent and unrestricted licensing arrangement, so the technology for their device belongs to them. For maximum security, we’d suggest they’d consider our firmware-embedded Management Device Control solution, since it provides full device control of internet access and apps, and can be managed through the company server.”

The Technology was validated by Cygnacom Solutions, Inc. of McLean, VA, an independent laboratory authorized to process certifications for the U.S. NIST agency.

InZero Systems offers WorkPlay Tablets, WorkPlay Technology, and optional firmware embedded MDM. For more information, please see www.workplaytablet.com or contact info@workplaytablet.com

CONTACT: Elizabeth Martin, 703-636-2048, elizabeth.martin@inzerosystems.com

SOURCE InZero Systems

Source: PR Newswire

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