Arizona Pushes for Tighter Text-and-drive Bill, Stisim Drive Asserts Driving Simulator Could Help It Protect Citizens from Road Accidents

March 4, 2014

Arizona targets new drivers for stricter texting-while-driving bill. Stisim Drive asserts driving simulator could also help keep them safer.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

New drivers have the most-tendency to get involved in traffic accidents. And for that reason, Arizona pushed a tighter texting-while-driving bill that would particularly target them. In response to it, Stisim Drive recommended driving simulator training to also help in keeping the roads safer.

According to the report, dated March 03, 2014, the bill particularly targets anyone who has been driving for just six months or less. And the restriction, it shared, is not to use any wireless device while driving.

But though some expressed their support for the new legislation, the news post stated that there are still things blocking its approval and implementation. One that it cited is that whichever bill goes to the Senate after a final roll-call vote, it won't be effective until July 01, 2015. Another thing is that it would block the police from stopping drivers who seem to call or text unless violation is made.

Below is an excerpt from the said report.

“New drivers could lose their ability to operate a vehicle while chatting with or sending a message to their friends.

But it won't happen right away. And the chances of a teen actually getting cited may be slim.

Without dissent, the state House on Monday gave preliminary approval to legislation to make it illegal for anyone who has been driving for less than six months to operate a "wireless communication device.'' Violators who are ticketed and found guilty would get a citation.”

Indeed, novice drivers are the ones most-likely to get involved in road accidents, said Stisim Drive. However, it stated that violations of driving laws are not always the cause of it. As it stated, poor driving skill could also lead to untoward traffic incidents.

Because of that, besides following the bills for driving, Stisim Drive said that new drivers must also hone their driving skills. And as it added, a driving simulation system could definitely help anyone get that done.

The company stated that a driving simulator offers a safe and cost-effective way to improve a person's on-the-road maneuvering and decision-making. With its help, accidents while on training is prevented. Moreover, on it, anyone could practice driving any type of vehicle at any given situation.

Of all the driving simulators though, Stisim Drive asserted that its own are the best. They were developed for 25 years, hence, they've been perfected to deliver a truly cost-efficient output, it stated. Moreover, because the Stisim Drive software used in the machines are programmable, it stated that they could be any type of simulator a client needs.

For more information about Stisim Drive and its Driving Simulator Systems, the company invites everyone to visit its website at stisimdrive.com.

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