DataDirect Networks Unveils Major Advances to its WOS Object Storage Technology

March 5, 2014

DDN Adds Partner Development Program, Enhanced Global Data Protection and Low Cost Archive Nodes, Making WOS the Most Comprehensive and Advanced Object Storage Platform Available


Managing vast amounts of data within IT and business systems has always been a challenge. But with the rise of cloud, social media, mobile devices, sensor generated data and other technologies, organizations are now struggling to deal with an explosion in information known as unstructured data. To solve the unstructured data challenge, DataDirect Networks (DDN) is introducing a major update to its flexible object storage platform that supports the entire data life cycle across multiple geographies, simply and efficiently. With today’s launch of the DDN(TM) “WOS® 360″ full-spectrum solution, customers can deploy the industry’s most versatile object storage with flexible access choices through the WOS Connect development program. Whether they operate in one or multiple data centers around the globe, organizations that require high performance or archive storage will now benefit from the highly efficient, easy-to-manage and vastly scalable benefits of object storage.


News Facts

    --  DDN today announced a significant update to its WOS object storage
        platform, adding next-generation software features and capabilities that
        now make WOS the most complete and versatile object storage platform in
        the industry.
    --  The shift to object-based storage is accelerating quickly as a means of
        solving today's unstructured data storage challenges. According to the
        February 11, 2014 Gartner report on the Critical Capabilities for Object
        Storage, "The explosion in unstructured data, which is growing at 40 to
        60 percent on a yearly basis in most enterprises, has catapulted object
        storage as an inexpensive, scalable, self-healing, multitenant platform
        for storing petabytes of data."(i)
    --  Available immediately, the WOS 360 full-spectrum object storage update
        enables users to build a highly reliable, infinitely-scalable and
        efficient storage pool for all their unstructured data needs. The WOS
        360 update redefines the architecture of scale-out storage
        infrastructures through a broad set of sophisticated new data
        protection, archive, collaboration and distribution capabilities
        designed specifically to meet the five key object storage requirements
        of customers today: scalability, accessibility, efficiency, reliability
        and performance.
    --  With the latest WOS 360 technology, a single object storage platform can
        support the complete lifecycle of unstructured data. It has never been
        easier or more cost-effective, for users to tune storage and data
        protections options to meet the requirements of any data set, in any
        location and with any storage architecture as IT needs change.
    --  New scale-out advancements in the WOS 360 update include Global
        ObjectAssure(TM) which builds on DDN's existing data protection schemes
        and provides customers with the broadest data protection capabilities
    --  Scale out options can now leverage single data center, multiple data
        center for data protection and data sharing, as well as long-term
        retention archive storage with the introduction of the new WOS Archive
        Node hardware option.
    --  In addition to these latest software and hardware platform updates, the
        company is also accelerating the growth of its partner ecosystem with a
        new application integration program called WOS Connect. This partner
        development program enables seamless integration and compatibility
        testing with WOS technology, as end users and application providers
        integrate object storage into their environments.

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Modern Large Scale Applications Require Modern Scale-Out Storage Repositories

    --  Today's data intensive applications require a new approach to storage
        that addresses the five key requirements customers consider when
        defining the architecture of their scale-out storage infrastructures:
        scalability, accessibility, efficiency, reliability and performance.
    --  While traditional tiered storage architectures reduce the overall TCO of
        storing data, for large scale environments where multiple locations,
        data types or applications may coexist in a single infrastructure, this
        paradigm is increasingly impractical, prompting users to consider less
        complex and more efficient alternatives to the file system approach.
    --  WOS 360 addresses these challenges as a platform that is uniquely
        enabled through an underlying NoFS (No File System) architecture. Unlike
        most object storage platforms which still have a POSIX file system layer
        on the disk level, WOS technology was designed as a true object storage
        platform, with a flat, single layer address structure where objects are
        stored in a contiguous group of blocks so that disk operations are
        minimized, performance is maximized and disks are used at full capacity.

Broad Range of Data Protection Schemes Provides Users with Choice and Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Business Needs

    --  With preservation, retention and deletion of data a critical
        requirement, WOS 360 offers the industry's broadest range of object
        storage protection schemes, ranging from smart replication to the
        company's ObjectAssure erasure coding offerings. Unlike traditional
        dispersed erasure encoding techniques that limit the choice in number of
        sites or data protection levels, WOS technology is the only platform
        that provides local, replicated and globally distributed erasure coding,
        affording customers full flexibility to select the protection scheme
        that best meets their needs. Data protection mechanisms are policy-based
        and can be set up as granularly as per object.
    --  With the latest WOS update, DDN introduces Global ObjectAssure, a new
        kind of distributed erasure coding, designed for multi-site deployments
        where customers require very low-cost infrastructures for very large
        data sets. Global ObjectAssure, with local and global data protection
        capabilities, is designed for use cases in which low network overhead
        and high levels of data durability are key decision criteria.
    --  In addition to the new Global ObjectAssure capability, DDN continues to
        offer the following data protection schemes within WOS technology:
        --  Replication - allows for the highest levels of performance and data
            durability, and is typically implemented in content delivery and
            data collaboration scenarios where speed of access outweighs the
            increased cost of storing multiple complete copies of the data.
        --  Local Copy ObjectAssure - reduces storage overhead while maximizing
            durability for single-site deployments. This schema is often used as
            an alternative for traditional RAID for cost-efficient storage of
            frequently accessed and modified data. Often, an additional copy is
            stored on tape.
        --  Replicated ObjectAssure - offers data protection and disaster
            recovery by copying data to a second site.  WOS object replication
            is highly WAN optimized, lowering the network overhead by up to 30
            compared with traditional object storage replication strategies.
            This deployment scenario is typically selected for large object,
            multiple data center environments typically scene in web, content
            and cloud service environments.

WOS 360 and New DDN Archive Nodes Lower the TCO of Scale-out, Archive Infrastructures

    --  To meet customers' need to continually lower the overall cost of
        storage, DDN is also introducing the new, low-cost WOS Archive Node. For
        organizations looking to build large scale active archives, the Archive
        Node in combination with Global ObjectAssure helps drive down costs of
        the object storage environment even further.

WOS Connect Partner Program Accelerates Ecosystem Build Out, Providing Users with Increased Value

    --  DDN is also accelerating its partner ecosystem build out by connecting
        application and solution partners to deliver more value to customers.
        The WOS Connect program breaks the dependence on traditional file
        systems by enabling end users and partners to integrate with native
        RESTful APIs.
    --  WOS Connect further enables DDN partners to deliver integrated
        technology solutions supported by joint sales and marketing programs. In
        addition, the WOS Connect onboarding program helps educate and enable
        partners with valuable go-to-market training and tools.


    --  WOS 360 is shipping now in limited availability, and will be fully
        available by the end of March 2014.

Supporting Quotes

Molly Rector, Chief Marketing Officer, DDN

    --  "As more organizations re-evaluate their storage architectures to meet
        the demands of modern massive scale environments, there is a rapid
        acceleration in the interest and deployment of object storage platforms.
        Some of the largest data environments in the web, cloud and research
        fields are DDN WOS customers.  Our WOS 360 announcement today, which
        includes new software and the Archive Node hardware, reflects DDN's
        commitment to listening to our customers' business requirements and
        delivering technology to help solve their rapidly changing data storage

Simon Robinson, Research Vice President, Storage and Information Management Practice, 451 Research

    --  "A growing number of organizations are measuring their unstructured data
        in terms of petabytes of capacity and trillions of files; this is a
        level of scale that moves beyond the capability of traditional
        file-based storage architectures. That a new approach is required is
        becoming clear, but at the same time IT managers are wary of introducing
        yet another silo into their storage infrastructure. Hence, those new
        architectures should be capable of meeting a broad range of business and
        information management requirements, spanning scale, efficiency, data
        protection and performance. With the introduction of its newest WOS
        solution, DDN has a software-based approach that moves past 'one size
        fits all' by recognizing that IT organizations require a flexible
        next-generation storage architecture that can be optimized for their own

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(i )Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Object Storage” by Arun Chandrasekaran, Alan Dayley, February 11, 2014

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