Zoiper First to Enable Windows Phone 8 for VoIP and IM Through a Native Softphone Multiprotocol Softphone Interface and SDK

March 12, 2014

BRUSSELS, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

After silently announced to visitors and participants on the World Mobile Congress
2014, and earlier over the social media, Zoiper is now officially the first multiprotocol
softphone on Windows Phone 8.

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“Our clients were eager to introduce it to their businesses and to their customers
wherefore Zoiper for WP8 has already been customized for a number of them. We also already
distributed several SDKs.” said the Director of Sales Mira Georgieva.

And to no surprise are the carriers, ITSPs, and Mobile Operators impatient to
introduce OTT solutions – according to the announced statistics, Windows Phone 8 is
outselling Apple’s iPhone in at least 24 markets and is on second place on 14 markets.

“Zoiper logically followed the lead of our technology partners.” added Mira Georgieva.

Zoiper also is stably amongst the most popular softphones and is gaining bigger share
in a progressive pace. Expected to penetrate new markets, its estimated market growth is
close to 300% in Q2 (based on previous periods’ results).

With the introduction of Windows Phone 8 support, Zoiper completes massive operating
system coverage – on mobile Zoiper already runs on iOS and Android, and on desktop Zoiper
supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Solaris. Zoiper has highly-integrible SDKs for all
common supported platforms, including for BlackBerry 10.

“Popularity is an asset indeed, but not our priority. We are developers. The only
thing our team does is build softphones for 11 years. Quality is what we have always been
aiming for and what requires the hardest work,” commented Joachim Vanheuverzwijn, Zoiper’s

The 11 years paid off and the Zoiper team got it right straight from the first
releases – Zoiper for WP8 is fully packed with everything needed from end-user and
business perspective: audio calls, SMS or chat (IM), contact list integration, push
notifications. The Zoiper team will be packing the Zoiper app for Windows Phone 8 with
features such as call transfers, conference calls and call recording to keep up with the
other feature-rich Zoiper products.

This is not the first time Zoiper pioneers. The QR-code tap-provisioning was first
implemented and introduced by Zoiper and completely changed the way VoIP accounts are
configured on mobile devices nowadays.

A reminder – all Zoiper mobile applications, including Zoiper for WP8, come with a
built-in QR-code reader button, allowing users to configure their complete VoIP accounts
by simply taping on a QR-code, generated by their provider.

Any VoIP provider, VoIP-enabled enterprise, call center, and any VoIP enthusiast, can
sign-up and use the QR-code provisioning platform freely and at no costs.

To have all set-up issues addressed, Zoiper avoids end-user configuration by feeding a
list of recommended service providers with pre-configured settings to Zoiper’s end-users.

Getting listed and configured is absolutely free of charge.

Moreover, all Zoiper applications have free versions for free download and use, and
are nearly fully-packed with features.

“OTT solutions are no longer a complementary offer, they are a necessity on the mature
markets and businesses on all fields have already realized it.

Users are obsessed with social communication software and services, and already expect
them by default. We are highly concentrated in being the quality enabler of OTT solutions
but we are also savvy in our clients’ sensitive end-user markets.” commented Mira

“We are a small company with strong positions and this allows us to afford
flexibility, to build customer-oriented roadmaps and to complete projects of any sizes in
budget- and time-friendly manner, while following our high quality dedication.”

About Zoiper

Zoiper is a service-independent softphone application supporting both IAX and SIP
protocols and running on all popular mobile and desktop platforms.

Consisting of 80% development power and building softphones for over a decade, the
Zoiper team is a trusted source for custom-built applications and OTT applications.
Zoiper’s custom applications are supporting the businesses of service providers, call
centers, VoIP integrators, mobile operators, and many businesses requiring immediate VoIP
capabilities and compatibility implementation.

About Zoiper SDK

Based on open standards, the Zoiper SDKs enable any hardware and software
manufacturer, integrator, or utilizer, to introduce communication capabilities to their
products and services.

Zoiper provides SDKs for all supported operating systems – Windows Mobile 8, iOS,
Android, and Blackberry 10 – on mobile, and Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Solaris – on the

        Alexander Kotev

Generic website: http://www.zoiper.com

QR-code and other types of provisioning: http://www.oem.zoiper.com




Source: PR Newswire

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