Elektrobit (EB) Develops a Multiple Antenna (MIMO) Test Environment for Next Generation Satellite Networks

March 12, 2014

OULU, Finland, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

EB continues to provide innovations in support of the satellite

communications industry and vendor ecosystem

Elektrobit (EB) has completed a multi-year study with European Space Agency (ESA),
analyzing the benefits of using multiple antennas (MIMO) in satellite communications.
During the study EB developed a sophisticated, software-defined radio (SDR) based test
environment, which is now globally available for satellite operators and infrastructure
vendors. This advanced test environment can be utilized by EB’s customers to study the RF
link performance on their existing or planned satellite networks, as well as ancillary
terrestrial links.

MIMO techniques are among the most important technologies in improving capacity and
reliability of radio communications links. Various MIMO techniques are commonly employed
in current terrestrial communication standards such as LTE. Despite the clear advantages,
MIMO techniques have not yet been widely deployed in satellite communications. In this
study with ESA, EB studied the challenges and benefits of MIMO techniques in satellite
systems by carrying out a literature study, computer simulations and finally practical lab
experiments of an existing satellite system to reveal the benefits of MIMO techniques on
the radio link performance.

The developed EB MIMO test environment is based on EB’s earlier development of EB
RACE, a software defined radio platform for wireless technology development, evaluation
and demonstration. The EB RACE platform connects computer simulations to real RF interface
and provides a smooth transition from simulation up to real implementation in small
controllable steps. The MIMO test environment also includes a high-end radio channel

“MIMO test environment demonstrates the EB’s world class radio expertise, and our
experience in building next generation satellite solutions. The benefits of using multiple
antennas in satellite communications are now proven, and we welcome customers to
experience how using MIMO can help to improve their spectral efficiency, data rates and
overall quality of the communications link. The test environment also expands to other use
cases, such as studying new waveforms, and this way is highly beneficial in designing new
satellite systems” says Jarno Majava, Director of EB’s Wireless Segment, Business
Development and Sales.

EB is participating in the Satellite 2014 event in Washington DC, March 11-14, 2014.
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