Blackphone: Is the New Droid Privacy Phone All It Seems, Posted on StepenMag by Armor for Android

March 12, 2014

The “Blackphone” is a revolutionary new phone being released with Android OS that is designed to be almost completely private.

(PRWEB) March 12, 2014

The following is a new post issued by StepenMag on behalf of Armor for Android. The following are excerpts:

"The 'Blackphone' is a revolutionary new phone being released with Android OS that is designed to be almost completely private. Designed for those who value their privacy above all else — such as high-level executives who want to ensure that their ideas and company information don’t fall into the wrong hands — the Blackphone has a variety of methods to ensure the security of those that use it," said Christopher with Armor for Android.

"The Blackphone goes beyond simply including security applications or security software; the entirety of the phone has been developed from the bottom up to ensure that it is secure. Security is an increasingly significant concern within the smartphone market,” according to Scott Garcia, Android expert at Armor for Android. “More vital data is stored on our smartphones today than any other device before in history.”

Christopher continues: "The Blackphone is being engineered to create anonymity. Emails, phone calls and text messages should theoretically be both encrypted and unable to be traced. However, there are a few major concerns that many consumers have with this technology."

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About Armor for Android: Armor for Android was founded on the ideal of providing complete mobile protection to consumers across the globe. As we saw the rapid growth of Google's Android operating system, we knew that the world was and is rapidly headed to a future where literally billions of its citizens will be carrying an Android device and be completely trusting of it with the most important aspects of their life.

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