IntuFit Launches Industry’s First, All-Partner Workout Regimen

March 14, 2014

An industry leader in fitness has launched an innovative fitness regimen.

McLean, VA (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

According to a recent fitness study, the average person quits their fitness routine within the first 10 days of starting, but thanks to a new Partner Results Training workout regimen, people across the nation will now be able to take their fitness to the next level of success with a little help.

“To our knowledge, it’s the industry’s first, all-partner workout regimen,” said D.B. Lester, spokesperson for IntuFit LLC, a fitness technology company with a mission to improve the economics of the fitness industry while enhancing outcomes for individuals.

IntuFit Partner Training provides people with a daily guide of how to workout at the gym. In addition, the program provides workout routines for men and workout routines for women by scaling the weight and offering substitute exercises in each of our circuits, so they can choose anyone as their training partner.

Lester explained that his company’s product vision started with a series of questions, such as: Why is diet and exercise so hard, leading to an obesity epidemic? Why has this epidemic worsened despite growing infrastructure and information resources available to get in and stay in shape – facilities, books, the Internet, and mobile applications?

“The attrition rate in the gym industry is too high,” Lester stressed, before adding, “This shows a likely mismatch between the typical gym experience and the needs of the consumer.”

The company spokesman went on to point out that IntuFit believes it has a way to help improve the experience of customer workouts at the gym while improving industry profitability.

In fact, IntuFit’s founding team and advisors hail from top universities, including: West Point, Stanford, Wharton, Ohio State, Emory, and Virginia Tech.

“Our primary fitness backgrounds and avocations include weightlifting, cycling, running, boxing, competitive martial arts, and CrossFit,” Lester noted. “We also love what yoga and Pilates can do for the body and mind.”

The company’s personal, weightlifting and nutritional experience, according to Lester, is directly related to achieving individual transformation, such as weight loss and peak performance, while influenced by such regimens as the Army Master Fitness Trainer program.

As to what makes IntuFit different from everything else on the market, Lester said, its mission is to improve the economics of the fitness industry while transforming the lives of individuals, which is unique in the industry.

“We innovate business models and technology for our business customers that are aligned with creating significant, fitness value for people,” Lester said. “This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do.”

For more information, please visit https://intufit.com/partner-results-program/ and https://intufit.com/individual/partner-results-program/

About IntuFit

IntuFit is a fitness technology company. Our mission is to improve the economics of the fitness industry while enhancing outcomes for individuals.

We realized that achieving our mission of improving the economics of the fitness industry and individual outcomes required us to offer a solution integrating the three pathways of fitness – diet, exercise, and lifelong learning.

IntuFit Diet and Partner Training make up our Partner Results Program, the fitness industry’s first and only, all-partner workout regimen. For lifelong learning, we developed a marketplace for the tools and offers people need for success – workouts, diet plans, menu plans, and daily motivation.

Source: IntuFit

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