Real-Time Power-Consumption Monitoring From Wi-Next Makes Internet of Things Industrial Products More Efficient

March 20, 2014

TURIN, Italy, March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The low-Power Wi-Fi SmartNode can contribute to lower energy demands

The Italian Wi-Fi manufacturer Wi-Next [http://www.wi-next.com ] announces the
innovative low-power SmartNode for Industrial IoT applications.

Low-power SmartNode [http://www.wi-next.com/products/io-products/smartnode ] is a
unique appliance that is able to monitor in real-time the electrical consumption and the
operation of industrial machines, using a Wi-Fi Sensor Mesh Network.

The product allows remote definition and control of the maintenance plan of machinery,
along with a significant optimization of costs of management and fault prevention.
SmartNode demonstrates how Wi-Fi is a major enabling technology of M2M applications and
Internet of Things (IoT). Analysts forecast a market of more than $6 billion by 2020.

The data measured by SmartNode are sent to the cloud control application through a
mesh network connected to the Multiprotocol Wi-Fi gateway, Springmole
[http://www.wi-next.com/products/io-products/springmole ], launched last year by Wi-Next as
a Wireless Hub for networks of sensors and actuators.

To protect industrial equipment, the low-power SmartNode can automatically disconnect
the machinery in case of overcurrent and also guarantees the control of the power switch
via commands sent by third-party cloud applications. The low-power SmartNode includes an
STMicroelectronics low-power Wi-Fi module, SPWF01SA.11 [http://www.st.com/wifimodules ],
which is a high-performance solution for integration of Wi-Fi technology in a wide range
of IoT applications.

“We have been working for years to reinvent Wi-Fi through the development of Wi-Fi
technologies that allow the optimization of ROI and contribute to the next generation with
new revenue opportunities,” said Nicola De Carne, CEO of Wi-Next. “The new low-power
SmartNode appliance is the first of a series of low-power Wi-Fi equipment designed for the
creation of end nodes and peripheral sensors based on 802.11 technology that will make
possible to provide sensors networks directly interconnected to network infrastructure
with obvious implementation and economic advantages.”

Watch the demo video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6H9WOBEcNc ] of

Low-power Smartnode.

About Wi-Next

Wi-Next is one of the most innovative Italian Wi-Fi Vendors. Founded in 2007 as a
research and development project at the Polytechnic of Turin, Wi-Next is a pioneer in
Wi-Fi mesh technology and distributed intelligence wireless networks which help companies
and telecommunications providers to reduce the complexity and the costs of networks and
maintenance, increase sources of revenue and maximize ROI. Wi-Next manufactures and sells
Wi-Fi equipment for SMBs and large enterprises through a network of partners and
distributors in Italy and abroad. The Wi-Fi Enterprise level offering of Wi-Next is
comprised of Indoor and Outdoor Access Point ( Naawigo and Knit ), entirely designed and
manufactured in Italy by the Team of Wi-Next , and the Wireless Manager System, whereby
the Italian company wants to consolidate its presence in the enterprise market. Last year
Wi-Next launched a new IoT platform, Springmole, that is networking OEM equipment designed
for multiprotocol gateway applications in the IoT market.

For further informations:

Nicola De Carne, +390119590140, info@winext.eu


Source: PR Newswire

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