Interop Las Vegas Previews Announcements From More Than 100 Exhibitors and Sponsors

March 24, 2014

Innovative Products and Services Launch at Premier Event for IT Professionals

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today Interop previews the latest innovations and news from more than 100 exhibitors who will make announcements at Interop Las Vegas, happening next week, March 31-April 4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. As the leading independent technology conference and expo series, Interop will highlight the latest advancements in networking, virtualization, cloud, mobility, data centers and everything in between. For more information and to register, please visit: interop.com.


“Interop continues to inspire and inform the world’s foremost IT decision makers, serving as a place to find actionable solutions for pain points and future developments in the enterprise,” explained Jennifer Jessup, Interop General Manager. “Now more than ever it is critical for businesses to have the opportunity to evaluate products and services side-by-side to help drive revenue and improve efficiencies for their bottom line. Our exhibitors and sponsors epitomize the industry’s rapid growth and development and we’re thrilled to serve as the launch pad for the most innovative technologies in business IT.”

Below is a sampling of announcements exhibitors will showcase at Interop Las Vegas 2014:

    --  A10 Networks (Booth #621, Pod 2), a technology leader in application
        networking, will demonstrate on-demand provisioning of L4-L7 services in
        an OpenStack cloud environment. The demonstration will showcase how
        A10's aCloud Services Architecture, integrated with OpenStack, allows
        dynamic scale up and down of L4-L7 services in public or private clouds.
    --  ActiveState (Booth #517) will announce updates to Stackato that help
        enterprises ensure availability of their applications across multiple
        datacenters (including hybrid, on-premise and public cloud), enable
        application autoscaling and automatic application single sign-on
        capabilities with enhanced security controls, and provide for a
        strengthened user experience.
    --  AdRem Software announces the availability of NetCrunch 8, the latest
        edition of its popular network and systems management software. Version
        8 supplements NetCrunch's network visualization and agentless monitoring
        capabilities with a number of product enhancements, including advanced
        network baselining and increased monitoring coverage.
    --  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (Booth #827) unveils next steps in its Unified
        Access strategy, launching new innovative OmniSwitch 6860, network
        analytics on wired and wireless networks, SDN enablement for entire
        campus, and enhanced management tools enabling IT to control the
        invasion of devices/applications while offering employees/customers the
        flexibility and freedom they need.
    --  Altima Technologies (Booth #1361) will be showcasing its enterprise Data
        Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solution, NetZoomDC,
        which enables data center professionals to model, manage, monitor and
        maximize data center assets, space, power and cooling in real-time
        through a browser-based user interface or mobile application.
    --  APCON, provider of intelligent network monitoring, will unveil its
        latest IntellaFlex product, and demonstrate its product portfolio
        showing non-blocking connectivity, time stamping, packet slicing, Multi
        Stage Filtering to preserve network investments and reduce costs.
        IntellaFlex is a Best of INTEROP - Performance finalist, recognizing
        APCON's innovation and technology advancements.
    --  Aria Systems (Booth #1163) will speak on the key capabilities necessary
        for getting the maximum return from a recurring revenue business model.
        Aria Systems Co-Founder and Inventor of Cloud Billing Brendan O'Brien
        will share the most important lessons for businesses implementing
        recurring revenue to drive revenue predictability and customer loyalty.
    --  Aryaka, the world's first cloud networking provider of WAN Optimization
        as-a-Service, Network as-a-Service, Application delivery as-a-Service
        and Cloud Network as-a-Service, will announce Network OnDemand, for
        enterprises looking to consume global private bandwidth as a metered
        service, with dynamic provisioning. Aryaka will be speaking and
        exhibiting at booth #1821.
    --  Axis Communications released the "2013 IT and Video Surveillance Market
        Study" from Enterprise Strategy Group showing IT's growing influence on
        surveillance as the market shifts from analog CCTV to IP video. Results
        reveal that 91% of IT pros are involved in their company's surveillance
        initiatives, and 47% hold the most influence in setting strategy/making
        purchasing decisions.
    --  Barracuda (Booth #1049) will announce that it will offer its
        award-winning Barracuda Web Application Firewall technology built
        directly onto Barracuda Load Balancer ADC models 540 and above,
        providing advanced application security and high performance application
        delivery at market leading value.
    --  Basic6 announces its new console for remote management of embedded
        devices around the Internet of Things. At Interop, we'll demonstrate
        wireless, global control of SmartBeacons, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pi's
        in Booth 610. One console, no agents - Basic6 centralizes management of
        data center and Cloud servers, and now embedded devices.
    --  At this year's Interop, Broadcom will unveil a variety of new
        innovations optimized to improve performance, efficiency and security in
        next generation SMB, enterprise and cloud-scale networks. With the
        industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip
        solutions, Broadcom is changing the world by Connecting everything®.
        Visit us at booth #1239 for more information.
    --  Carbonite will showcase its new server backup line, which backs up an
        unlimited number of databases and live applications, as well as its
        upcoming local/cloud hybrid appliance. The Carbonite Appliance saves
        system images of servers to a local appliance and the cloud, allowing
        for rapid backup and recovery. (Booth #175)
    --  Catavolt (Booth #1359) will be showcasing their agile mobile app
        platform for business. With Catavolt, business analysts rapidly develop
        apps for any business process that work with any device and any back end
        system. Their "No Data at Rest" platform protects business data by not
        storing it on the device.
    --  CCBOOTCAMP is now presenting a free monthly webinar series!  Each month
        we promote a live session replete with slides and visuals using our live
        equipment in order to discuss relevant topics in the Networking World.
        Come see us at Booth# 1759 for more details!
    --  Ciena (Booth #2233) recently unveiled WaveLogic Photonics, new line
        intelligence capabilities that improve visibility, control and
        programmability of packet optical networks. Comprised of Ciena's leading
        coherent optics, flexible optical line elements and embedded and
        discrete software tools, WaveLogic Photonics gives providers the ability
        to leverage software programmability at greater scale.
    --  Circle Technology, mobile presentation software to utilize your own
        device for any presentation (BYOD), is excited to announce version,
        Circle 2.0. With new features that include full collaboration, video
        streaming capabilities and a pause mode to freeze the viewer screen,
        mobile presentations from device to device are now extremely efficient.
    --  Cloudpath Networks announces XpressConnect Enrollment System 3.0, the
        industry's first Automated Device Enablement (ADE) platform that
        combines secure device onboarding and advanced certificate management.
        Built on smart, policy-associated certificates, XpressConnect ES
        provides infrastructure-based control and security for both personal and
        IT-owned devices without the need for on-device agents or complex RADIUS
        policy servers.
    --  Cloudscaling, the leading provider of OpenStack-powered IaaS, introduces
        its Cloud Concierge service at this year's Interop. Cloud Concierge
        provides a range of advisory services for organizations planning their
        OpenStack or cloud computing initiatives. Visit us at Booth 621, Pod #3
    --  Cormant (Booth #1363) introduces powerful Workflow to its widely-adopted
        Cormant-CS DCIM solution suite. The addition of DCIM Workflow provides a
        highly configurable engine for all infrastructure tasks from the project
        level to individual devices and connections. Stop by Booth 1363 for a
        live demo.
    --  CradlePoint, the global leader in cloud-managed 4G networking solutions
        for distributed enterprises will showcase the new CradlePoint AER 2100,
        Advanced Edge Router. The AER 2100 is designed to intelligently manage
        converged wired and wireless connectivity for a highly reliable
        "connected experience" at the edge. Come see our award-winning solutions
        at Booth 1042 to learn more or visit CradlePoint.com/aer2100.
    --  Cube Optics AG will showcase the evolution from 10G to 100G. Cube
        Optics' 100G Metro solution takes advantage of existing infrastructure
        to meet future requirements and boasts highest efficiency in terms of
        space, power and bandwidth. Stop by at booth #1867 and evolve.
    --  CyberPower Systems will showcase its line of new Smart App Sinewave UPS
        systems and enterprise-grade PDUs designed to protect and power data
        center applications, equipment and data. Visit us at booth number 858 to
        learn more about our latest power protection solutions for network and
        data center applications. CyberPower is a 2014 CRN Data Center 100
    --  Dimension Data, the global ICT solutions and services provider, will
        lead "Emerging Video Technologies," a live panel exploring video
        communications in the enterprise, and also showcase its cloud solutions
        and services, including the recently launched cloud backup-as-a-service
        and cloud direct connect service. Visit Dimension Data at booth #714.
    --  DisplayLink, the leader is USB Graphics and Universal docking, will be
        showcasing 4K display connectivity for business and enterprise over USB.
        Multi display universal docking & hot desk solutions and the future of
        convergence for any platform, any OS. Future proof your IT decisions
        with DisplayLink at booth #532
    --  Elfiq Networks is pleased to announce the release of the company's new
        LBX700 and LBX6000 models at Interop IT Expo 2014 in Las Vegas.  With
        the LBX series, clients can now take advantage of the new Flex Multipath
        Routing, SSL VPN and SLA Inspector features. Visit Elfiq Networks at
        booth 1859.
    --  Emulex, a leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management and
        a proud member of the Open Compute Project (OCP), will announce its next
        generation of high performance Ethernet connectivity solutions to the
        open source community. Emulex will be exhibiting at booth #1158.
    --  Escrow Associates, one of the world's leading providers in escrow and
        verification services, removes the biggest barrier to cloud adoption
        with the launch of SaaS Assured, a new service that enables SaaS
        customers to have continued access to SaaS applications and data if
        their SaaS provider fails.
    --  As a leading education, advocacy, and consensus-building organization,
        the Ethernet Alliance is on the frontlines of the Ethernet ecosystem's
        shift towards greater technology convergence. Its live multi-vendor demo
        in booth #1958 will highlight advantages and benefits of Ethernet's
        unsurpassed interoperability, and offer an advance look at the latest
        technology innovations.
    --  Fiberblaze announces the availability of a 100Gb/s xR4 capture solution.
        Come to booth #1866 and see our offerings of 10/40/100Gb/s capture as
        well as our layer2 hardware encryption solutions.
    --  Global Knowledge (Booth #2067), the world's leading IT and business
        skills training provider, will announce Continuous Learning. Training
        enhancements include six-month access to labs, class recordings, 24x7
        mentoring and a robust peer/instructor community. Continuous Learning
        enables students to practice, refresh, and share new skills, increasing
        retention, application and impact.
    --  HP (Booth #1527) will announce a host of new mobility solutions that
        unlock the business value of customer networks and provide greater
        agility while lowering TCO. These new solutions add to HP's unified
        wired and wireless offering and deliver the industry's most complete
        solution for the campus network.
    --  Huawei will demonstrate the world's first agile switch, the S12700 with
        its innovative clustering, IP service quality management and build-in AC
        technologies, along with CloudEngine 12800, the world's largest data
        center switch by capacity. Additional demos will include solutions for
        BYOD, eLTE and videoconferencing. Visit Huawei in Booth 1739.
    --  Hughes Network Systems will announce new enhancements to its
        ActiveQoS(TM) WAN optimization technology built in to its HR4700 Branch
        Gateway. The new technology significantly improves network performance
        for cloud-based applications and 4G broadband connectivity while at the
        same time leveraging Fortinet's security technology. Hughes will be
        exhibiting at booth #650.
    --  IDenticard (Booth #750) will feature RACK ARMOR, the next level of
        physical security for protecting data at cabinet level. This
        patent-pending system restricts and monitors cabinet access, and
        features easy-to-use dynamic mapping and customizable reporting to
        identify and track who accesses server racks, specifically where, when
        and for how long.
    --  iland (Booth #616), a Best of Interop finalist, will demonstrate its
        Enterprise Cloud Services portal that enables customers to easily ramp
        up cloud capabilities, predict and control costs, manage resources,
        maximize performance and enhance compliance. The company, which recently
        announced its UK datacenter expansion, will also showcase its leading
        disaster recovery-as-a-service offering.
    --  Intersog (Booth #1145) will showcase their extensive mobile development
        and UX/UI design expertise gained from 400+ own and custom-developed
        iOS, Android and HTML5 apps, as well as robust enterprise mobile
        solutions for leading companies in automotive, digital media, wearable
        tech, gaming, online retail, education, entertainment and other
    --  Intuitive Technology, Inc. (IT), delivering advanced communication
        solutions since 2005, announced the Evolution UC Solid State Appliance,
        designed specifically for a small or medium size business the appliance
        comes packed with included features. The appliance also integrates with
        their Enterprise multisite edition giving a robust platform for remote
    --  Ipanema Technologies (Booth #1667) is showcasing its new line of
        solutions (re)discover network simplicity for the fast moving, digitally
        driven and complex business environment, including Zero Touch
        Installation and Topology Autodiscovery for telecoms, as well as
        solutions guaranteeing MS Lync and SaaS performance and bridging
        business intelligence.
    --  ITinvolve announces its Spring '14 release featuring expanded
        capabilities that promote agility while ensuring operational stability.
        Spring 14 enables developers, operations, and business stakeholders to
        collaborate more effectively on requirements, to keep development and
        production environments in sync, to define release plans that reduce
        deployment risks, and to manage deployment tasks efficiently.
    --  Linksys will be showcasing its new lineup of SMB infrastructure products
        including Switches, VPN Routers, Access Points, IP Surveillance Cameras,
        PoE solutions and a Network Video Recorder.  Linksys will also be
        announcing a new line up of Smart Switches and Wireless Access Points
        along with a new Partner Program.
    --  Logicube, the world's leading manufacturer of hard drive duplication and
        digital forensic imaging solutions, will be demonstrating the recently
        announced  ZClone®Xi. This ultra-fast, multi-target hard drive cloning
        solution is perfect for all your hard drive duplicating tasks including
        O/S upgrades, content/application distribution and PC Deployments. Stop
        by booth #651.
    --  LogicVein (Booth #508) will be introducing an affordable network
        configuration management tool called "Net LineDancer." This product will
        open the door for professionals swamped in network configuration
        challenges that would usually result in catastrophe and loss of money.
    --  The mFinity® Enterprise Mobility Management Platform by mFrontiers
        provides a comprehensive Oracle-based solution for simplifying device
        and application management, streamlining development and deployment, and
        securing enterprise mobility.  Integrated with Oracle Database Mobile
        Server on the server and device sides, mFinity provides the highest
        level of data integrity for enterprise mobility.
    --  Microsemi will highlight its network timing and synchronization,
        mainstream SoC FPGAs, POE systems solutions, WLAN, and voice line
        products for global enterprises. Company representatives will be on-hand
        discussing how Microsemi's innovative products provide efficiency,
        security, and connectivity for big data, small cells, Mobile Wireless,
        Enterprise Equipment, Wireless and Network Infrastructure.
    --  Monoprice introduces its new Rack-Mount Server Cases to meet the growing
        demands of business users. Their 7Bay 4U Rack-Mount Server Case (Product
        ID #10841; $187.65) underwent rigorous testing to ensure it protects all
        business-critical data. This case is made from the most durable and
        heat-resistant materials, easily accommodating extreme applications
        under the toughest circumstances.
    --  Motivair will be debuting its Chilled Door active rear door heat
        exchanger.  The Chilled Door efficiently cools up to 60kW per rack while
        removing 100% of the heat, thus creating a heat neutral space. The
        Chilled Door is ultra scalable, great for retrofit needs, rack agnostic,
        and highly redundant. Stop by booth 1138 for an up close look at the
        Chilled Door.
    --  MovinCool® has launched a new QR Code® Service Link feature that gives
        owners of MovinCool air conditioners fast, smartphone access to online
        warranty and service support information. By scanning the QR Code, users
        can verify the unit's current warranty coverage period, view dealer
        contact information and download materials.
    --  Narra Systems,Inc. will announce the general availability of its
        nFAST3.0 Cloud Orchestration Platform. Come to booth 2166 to get a
        demonstration of why more than 3000 engineers worldwide are using nFAST
        to automate and orchestrate their environments.
    --  NCP engineering will showcase the latest versions of its centrally
        managed IPsec VPN client suite, including updated Android, Linux and Mac
        OS X Mavericks clients. Visit Booth #754 to see how its solutions
        simplify remote access security management, improve compliance and let
        users connect anytime, anywhere and on any device.
    --  NEC will showcase the latest version of its ProgrammableFlow®
        Networking Suite and highlight the new OpenFlow-based, software-defined
        data center interconnect solution - the Unified Network Coordinator
        (UNC). The UNC enables construction and orchestration of virtual
        networks across multiple controllers within a data center as well as
        across interconnects between data centers.
    --  NetScout (Booth #1551) will showcase its nGeniusONE(TM) Unified
        Performance Management platform. Converging network and application
        performance management across application tiers, end-to-end networks,
        and user devices, nGeniusONE delivers holistic service visibility,
        improves communication and collaboration across IT groups, and enables a
        Unified Service Delivery Management framework for complex, distributed
        IT services.
    --  NetSupport Inc showcasing all new NetSupport Manager 12, Remote Control
        software; with the addition of Windows 8 / 8.1, and improved mobile
        device support. Together with a new look and feel, connectivity is
        enhanced by a unique PIN Connect feature and innovative GEO locate for
        geographical user grouping plus more.
    --  Netwrix is showcasing 6 exciting change auditing solutions based on its
        award-winning Netwrix Auditor platform. With unmatched visibility into
        changes made in your Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, VMware,
        Windows and file server environments, Netwrix Auditor ensures security
        is maintained, compliance requirements are met and service availability
        is maximized.
    --  NeweggBusiness (Booth #1458) is introducing B2B Marketplace, an
        initiative that adds a greater selection of products from trusted 3rd
        party sellers. Office supplies and other existing categories will
        rapidly expand while we introduce new categories such as
        industrial-grade construction tools and medical supplies. See our
        account executives for more information.
    --  Noction will demonstrate its Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) - a BGP
        performance automation product for multi-homed networks. The new 2.2
        release includes support for multiple routing domains. It allows
        networks with multiple physical locations relatively close to each
        other, to optimize routing across all of them with one single IRP
    --  The NVM Express organization is pleased to announce it recently
        completed incorporation. At Interop, NVM Express members will
        demonstrate PCI Express SSDs optimized with NVM Express to unlock NVMs
        performance potential.
    --  The OpenDaylight Project has made its first open source software release
        "Hydrogen" available, consisting of over a million lines of code.
        Enterprises, service providers, equipment providers and academia can now
        download Hydrogen and begin to evaluate, commercialize and deploy SDN
        and NFV.
    --  Opengear, included in the InteropNet NOC for the fourth consecutive
        year, will be showcasing its powerful IM7200 infrastructure manager
        alongside its other remote out-of-band access solutions. Now with
        Verizon 4G LTE PTCRB cellular certification, the IM7200 offers
        best-in-class remote management of data centers and critical
    --  PathSolutions will showcase recently released TotalView 5, a Best of
        Interop finalist in the Performance category and InfoWorld Technology of
        the Year Award winner. Stop by booth #1951 and find out about its new
        features, such as real-time performance monitoring.
    --  Pleasant Solutions (Booth #659) is pleased to showcase for the first
        time at Interop, our latest release of its enterprise password
        management solution, Pleasant Password Server 6.4.1. In addition, we
        will present a range of custom software solutions designed for a wide
        range of industries and applications.
    --  Pogo Storage, (Booth #1462) will be highlighting new storage systems
        that combine the speed of SanDisk SSDs with the versatility of
        NexentaStor, Nexenta's software defined storage solution.
    --  Presentia debuts its new PresenTable line (Booth# 2262). PresenTables
        are fully integrated, enterprise-grade, unified collaboration solutions.
        PresenTables provide a complete conference room system built on IT
        industry standards. Presentia solutions bridge the gap between AV & IT,
        and eliminate the need for traditional installation and configuration
    --  PrinterLogic (Booth #1058), the world's leading enterprise printer
        management solution for server-less remote site printer deployments,
        will demonstrate how to eliminate print servers, eliminate printer
        scripting and GPOs, eliminate single points of failure, and eliminate
        print job WAN traffic!
    --  Procera Networks, the definitive industry leader in embedded Internet
        Intelligence solutions for third party platforms, will showcase the
        Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) 4.0 OEM DPI engine with
        partners Intel and Napatech in Booth #550. NAVL provides unparalleled
        high performance network insights while maintaining minimal onboard
        resource consumption.
    --  ProfitBricks will showcase it's new Big Data customer case studies,
        including how it's high performance InfiniBand powered software defined
        networks optimize the speed of Hadoop clusters. They will also offer a
        special tour of the SUPERNAP data center for Interop attendees.
    --  PROMISE Technology will debut its VTrak 10GbE storage solutions for
        virtualization and back-up, which can complement existing Fibre Channel
        infrastructure in enterprises and data centers. Also being showcased is
        the Pegasus2 desktop storage solution featuring hardware RAID 5/6,
        Thunderbolt 2 technology, and Mac and Windows compatibility.
    --  QuickCert IT Training (Booth #2362) introduces our new +Pro Pack feature
        which consist of live lab environments for students to perform the work
        they learn as if they were in the field. Plus, it includes access to
        over 250 e-books for your reference! Try it for free today at
    --  RackSolutions introduces a tool-less sliding rail that works with rack
        mounted servers. The unique latching and pivot design allows the rails
        to be quickly and easily installed in tight 1U spaces. This innovative
        rail kit works with many different servers so rails can be reused if
        server is replaced.
    --  Radware will feature its latest innovations for cloud and SDN. As part
        of the OpenStack pavilion, it will showcase its integrated LBaaS
        capabilities for OpenStack cloud management platform. Radware will also
        be featured in the NEC and HP booths showcasing their DefenseFlow SDN
        Application for Adaptive and Large Scale DDoS protection.
    --  Revolabs (Booth #1763) highlights its FLX(TM) UC 1000 IP conference
        phone featuring both SIP and USB audio support. Superior speaker
        components, high-fidelity sound with outstanding microphone and echo
        cancellation technology, and dual USB and IP telephony communication
        channels provide complete UC collaboration capabilities -- without
        compromising audio quality or protocol flexibility.
    --  RISC Networks, a global leader in IT operations analytics, announces
        RipCord, an actionable IT infrastructure platform. RipCord helps IT by
        increasing the effectiveness of troubleshooting, helping customers
        understand dependencies and anomalies, and improving the success of key
        technology projects. Visit booth #505 to see RipCord and other Analytics
    --  The SaltStack automation platform now supports configuration and control
        of network devices through Salt Proxy Minion functionality delivered in
        the Salt 2014.1 release. Find SaltStack in the OpenStack pavilion for
        details on managing data center infrastructure and any cloud at speed
        and scale.
    --  SanDisk will be exhibiting its full line of flash-based SSD storage
        solutions for the enterprise, spanning from the data center to the
        desktop, including its revolutionary memory channel-based ULLtraDIMM,
        and its high-performance client x110 and X210 SATA SSDs. Stop by booth
        #1367 to learn more.
    --  ScaleArc announces a new version of its patented database traffic
        management software. ScaleArc for SQL Server 3.1 advances the
        availability and performance of business-critical applications with:
        automatic failover for continuous application availability, query
        routing and sharding for optimal application performance and a
        comprehensive RESTful API for automating ScaleArc's management
    --  ScienceLogic will feature the latest enhancements to its next generation
        network monitoring software. New features enable IT professionals to
        dramatically reduce IT complexity and solve problems faster. Attendees
        are invited to visit booth #814 to receive a demo, a t-shirt, and
        register for the chance to win an Xbox One.
    --  Sensaphone® (Booth #2459) will showcase an expanded remote monitoring
        solutions portfolio including the WSG30, a web-based temperature
        monitoring solution with up to 30 wireless sensors and internal battery
        backup and the WEB600 for low cost temperature monitoring solutions. For
        critical monitoring, Sensaphone will showcase its IMS-1000 and the
    --  Server Technology (Booth #842) will be celebrating 30 years of customer
        driven innovation.  There will be a chance to win an XBOX ONE at our
        booth.  We will also showcase our latest solution, High Density Outlet
        Technology (HDOT).  HDOT packs up to 42 receptacles into a 1U enclosure
        that is less than 70 inches in length.
    --  Shuttle is in booth #805 with its all-new DS81 player which allows users
        to play ultra-high quality, 4K video and multimedia content. Also, a
        simple-to-use security system with everything you need for a secure
        perimeter, in two size configurations; these appliances are pre-loaded
        with Milestone's Arcus video surveillance management system software.
    --  Sideband Networks (Booth #2440), provider of Analytics, Alerts, and
        Action on Network Performance for the next generation network
        infrastructure, will showcase new XRE products that enable single point
        of management, live traffic analytics, correlation of live data and
        dynamic network topology discovery for Layer 2 through Layer 7
        visibility.  Visit www.sidebandnetworks.com.
    --  SmartFile (Booth #2351) a Best of Interop Finalist, is proud to announce
        a breakthrough in network file management.  Dubbed FileHub(TM),
        companies can now connect any NAS, or SAN to the SmartFile File Sharing
        & Network Appliance.  FileHub(TM) adds advanced search, detailed
        reporting, compliance, and easy management to existing storage.
    --  Sneak preview: Smartvue® launches most cost-effective cloud platform
        for enterprise surveillance. Starting at $199, the Smartvue® S9M
        provides a fast, easy and simple solution to monitor, manage, store and
        share HD video intelligence from one to thousands of enterprise
        locations. Visit us a booth #758 to learn more.
    --  SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management
        software, will present a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of
        integrated, multi-vendor IT management products that provide insight
        across server and application performance, network monitoring, database
        performance analysis and security management.
    --  Source Support Services (Booth #1039) will showcase its recently
        launched customized servicing packages which will provide onsite IT
        support services in over 80 countries worldwide. Through each care
        package, Source enables customers to maximize their uptime while
        exceeding client expectations.
    --  Stay Online will feature 3 different Locking IEC 60320 cord solutions.
        These systems can prevent inadvertent power disconnects. C20 to C19 and
        C14 to C13 connections have been an Achilles Heel in data centers. This
        problem is solved by reengineering plugs and connectors to lock into
        Power Distribution Units (PDU).
    --  Stilog (Booth #745) will demonstrate Visual Planning 5.2, its new
        enterprise scheduling solution, which includes even more customization
        and collaboration  capabilities, along with template management,
        real-time dashboards, live discussion feeds, and a mobile portal for
        updates on the go, enabling users to build tailor-made scheduling
        applications to increase their resources utilization.
    --  Stratus Technologies (Booth #1360) will showcase its next-generation
        software solution, everRun® Enterprise. A Best of Interop 2014
        finalist, everRun Enterprise offers hardware-caliber downtime prevention
        and recovery capabilities and brings mainframe-like availability to
        standard x86 servers.
    --  Suzhou Switek, a professional KVM Switch manufacturer in China, will
        introduce the advanced technology  Digital KVM solutions as well as
        other KVM Switches (LCD KVM Console, Rack Mountable KVM and SOHO KVM).
        These will provide you the perfect solution for big datacenters, super
        computer rooms, and more.  Come see us at booth #1358.
    --  Talari Networks announces APN Aware, a software-based centralized
        network monitoring application that supports Talari's family of WAN
        appliances. Available immediately, Aware gives IT teams a holistic and
        unified network view that provides real-time status and historical
        reporting on the quality of every individual link on a WAN.
        Demonstrations at booth #2359.
    --  TalariaX Pte Ltd, developer of sendQuick® SMS (text) appliance, has
        received compliance certification with RSA Authentication Manager 8.0
        (AM8).  This certification validates sendQuick's commitment to support
        RSA AM8 customers in USA and other countries.  Looking for Out-of-Band
        (using SMS text) solutions for security management? Find us at booth
    --  ThreatTrack Security will showcase its entire product line, including
        its VIPRE antivirus solutions and its newly launched ThreatSecure(TM)
        advanced malware protection platform, which is the industry's first
        solution to combine advanced threat detection with automated,
        closed-loop endpoint remediation. ThreatTrack Security will be
        exhibiting at booth #654.
    --  Thycotic Software (Booth #1959), provider of smart and effective
        privileged account management solutions for the enterprise, will
        showcase new upgrades to its flagship solution, Secret Server, including
        compatibility with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 and enhanced Session
        Monitoring. Secret Server recently achieved integration certification
        with HP ArcSight, Tenable and LogRhythm.
    --  Titania will be showcasing the newest version of Nipper Studio security
        auditing software for firewalls, switches & routers. As well as detailed
        security & configuration auditing, Nipper Studio 2.3 now includes
        compliance reporting for PCI & has improved vulnerability analysis
        capability using the NIST NVD.
    --  Transcender, industry leading certification training provider, will be
        showcasing their library of Microsoft training materials including the
        latest updates to their MCSA Server 2012 titles.
    --  TSO Logic, extending on its award-winning Application-Aware Power
        Management software, will unveil a new solution that uses a top-down
        approach by measuring application performance, energy usage, workload
        and costs to significantly improve operational efficiency. A live
        demonstration will be held in the New Innovators Pavilion and the
        InteropNet NOC.
    --  Tufin Technologies (Booth #2021) will be announcing the results of a
        survey of more than 350 IT professionals that reveals how the on-demand
        nature of the cloud and virtualization are impacting IT Operations.
    --  Vaddio introduces the BaseSTATION for small, "huddle-type" meeting
        rooms.  The BaseSTATION includes a WideSHOT broadcast-quality HD
        point-of-view camera with a wide 82 degree angle-of-view.  Audio is
        provided via HDMI to the speakers on the room display.  The BaseSTATION
        camera, features a set of user-adjustable image control settings,
        including a 3x optical zoom lens.
    --  VDO360 announces the Compass, the next generation of USB PTZ HD cameras
        with a completely new form factor. The Anchor, the best way to mount a
        camera to a wall or monitor, will also be on display in Booth 1159-
        Visit during the Booth Crawl, we'll buy you a beer!
    --  VeriStor (Booth #809), an advanced IT solutions provider specializing in
        virtual infrastructure and enterprise private, public and hybrid cloud
        services and solutions, will showcase its complete suite of cloud-based
        services for secure data protection including VeriStor Cloud
        Replication, VeriStor DR/Cloud Continuity, VeriStor Cloud Secure
        Archiving and VeriStor Cloud Backup.
    --  WildPackets will showcase its new line of appliances for capturing and
        analyzing network data - Omnipliance CX, Omnipliance MX and Omnipliance
        TL - which deliver unprecedented performance and analytical accuracy at
        an affordable price for networks of any size. The company will also be
        demonstrating its packet-capture capabilities for enterprise-class
        802.11ac products.
    --  Zippy Technology (Booth #709) will proudly introduce several new 80+
        Gold and Platinum efficiency power solution. Zippy Technology has been
        an industry leader in providing green OEM/ODM power solutions, and no
        matter what your sustainable objectives are, you can count on us for
        energy efficient and recyclable solutions.

For the full list of Interop Las Vegas 2014 exhibitors and sponsors, please visit: http://www.interop.com/lasvegas/2014/exhibitor-list/

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