eWBM and Dual Aperture Collaborate on New Software and Hardware Integration

March 26, 2014

Dual Aperture welcomes a new semiconductor partner to optimize its 3D information capture technology

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Dual Aperture, Inc., a Silicon Valley imaging technology pioneer, today announces its collaboration with eWBM Co., Ltd., a system on chip (SoC) solution company specializing in Digital Signal Processors (DSP) technology, to develop an optimized software and semiconductor product in hopes to offer superior camera solutions that enable high quality image capture, refocusing, 3D image generation, depth estimation and gesture tracking applications. In conjunction with the previously announced partnership with Silicon File Technologies, Dual Aperture and eWBM will create an optimized solution with industry leading accuracy while using a single low power, small form factor sensor.

Dual Aperture’s new image sensor technology is made possible by its innovative 4-color sensor design. Abandoning the traditional Bayer pattern, Dual Aperture’s 4-color sensor is comprised of RGB and IR (Infra-red) pixels. The sensor also uses separate apertures for RGB and IR pixels, thereby capturing data for two distinct images – one each in the RGB and the IR spectrums with varying sharpness.

eWBM and Dual Aperture have agreed on a licensing agreement and strategic partnership whereby eWBM licenses Dual Aperture’s proprietary image processing algorithms and will provide engineering resources to further improve the function of Dual Aperture’s technology at the DSP level. These technologies will enable:

    --  image generation and enhancement
    --  depth map generation
    --  gesture tracking

“eWBM specializes on custom DSP IC development for gesture tracking and wants to implement Dual Aperture’s technology on our products. We have looked at many other solutions, but Dual Aperture’s technology was by far the best solution to address richer interaction with smart devices,” said Dr. Stephen Oh, CEO of eWBM Co., Ltd. “We are excited to work with Dual Aperture and Silicon File to address the growing market for an integrated camera, 3D and gesture recognition in one form factor.”

Dr. David D. Lee, CEO of Dual Aperture, Inc. also adds that “Dual Aperture is looking forward to working closely with eWBM to have an optimized software and semiconductor solution for our common customers. In addition to Silicon File (recently merged by SK Hynix Co., Ltd.) supplying 4-color sensors, Dual Aperture now has a partner who can produce low-cost, high-performance DSP IC that implements Dual Aperture’s algorithms for 3D and gesture tracking. Because of its small form factor and low power usage, Dual Aperture’s 4-color sensor technology can be used in various consumer devices including smart phones, tablets, PCs, TVs and automobile applications, and an optimized semiconductor solution from eWBM only enhances the Dual Aperture advantage.”

Under the agreement, eWBM and Dual Aperture will work side by side to optimize Dual Aperture’s algorithms with DSP based camera systems.

About Dual Aperture, Inc.

Dual Aperture is a Silicon Valley-based technology start-up that is positioned to lead innovation within the imaging technology space with its proprietary Dual Aperture RGB-IR sensor technology. Dual Aperture’s proprietary sensor technologies and algorithms utilize 3D image capturing and other imaging enhancements to create a multi-functional, low cost technology that can be integrated into many consumer, automotive, and industrial products. Dual Aperture’s unique depth and gesture tracking will also empower mobile camera-based applications to explore new dimensions of user experience.

About eWBM

eWBM Co, Ltd. is a SoC solution company specialized in DSP technology to have been developing gesture recognition SoC solutions using eWBM’s proprietary DSP core optimized for gesture recognition algorithm. eWBM is working closely with Dual Aperture for 4-color sensor system using its DSP technology.

SOURCE Dual Aperture, Inc.

Source: PR Newswire

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