New iPhone App Your Last Will Lets Users Create Last Messages for Loved Ones for Viewing After Death

March 27, 2014

Your Last Will is a new free iPhone app that lets anyone create a last message for loved ones, in the form of a video will, to be viewed after their death. Users create and upload a private video will and are then issued their own QR code to give to a trusted confidant who is likely to outlive them – and when that person signs in using the specified QR code – an email containing a link to the user’s last message video is automatically sent to a list of previously determined recipients.

New York, New York (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Your Last Will is a new free iPhone app that lets anyone create one last message for loved ones to be viewed after they die. While the laws regarding the validity of last video wills and testaments vary from state to state, the company believes that in the future all wills may be delivered in video format. Users of the video will app simply upload a private video and are then issued their own QR code that is then given to a trusted confidant who is likely to outlive them. When that person signs into Your Last Will using the specified QR code, an email is automatically sent to previously selected recipients providing a link to the user’s last message video. Follow Your Last Will on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.

The concept was conceived by noted German entrepreneur, Wolfgang Gabler, who previously founded the largest German publisher and distributor of computer games – CDV Software Entertainment AG. Now based in New York City, Gabler developed Your Last Will after experiencing a sudden accident while traveling last year. He survived, but the experience left him overwhelmed with regret when he realized all the things he wanted to say to his children before he dies.

“Our new iPhone app, Your Last Will, gives you the opportunity to leave one last message for your loved ones in the form of a video will,” said Your Last Will's CEO Wolfgang Gabler. “I was lucky and survived my accident, but it made me realize how many other people will miss the opportunity to share their memories, thoughts and advice with their loved ones. More than a testament, I want everyone to have a video will that can be revisited by their friends and family. This is your opportunity to privately tell those you love what you feel as well as all your random thoughts, life mottos, favorite memories and personal philosophies once you are gone,” concluded Gabler.

The video will is up to five minutes in length, but users easily can extend this time in the app. To ensure that the QR code is not used before the person has died, the user is alerted and access to their message is delayed for 24 hours after the code is activated – giving them time to stop any unauthorized access. The private video will is secure and stored with password protection and restricted FTP access on dedicated servers. Access to the video is only possible with the corresponding QR code. If a user dies before sharing their QR code with a trusted confidant, their immediate family can access their video by submitting the user’s death certificate. After receiving a video will, the recipient can download and save it for perpetual offline use.

Recipients without an iPhone can privately view the video sent to them on YourLastWill.net. Users can add or delete recipients of their video will at any time using the app and the video can be deleted at any time. If a recipient’s email address has changed since they were added to the list, anyone with access to the private video, upon the user’s death, can share access details with other recipients. For an added fee, Your Last Will provides the user with the opportunity to have their video will submitted for legal review in an easy process directly within the app.

Visit http://www.YourLastWill.net for more information.

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