SOLARMINER Revolutionizes Crypto-Currency Industry with Introduction of Solar Powered Bitcoin Mining Platform, SOLARMINER USB

March 31, 2014

New technology has potential to alleviate world poverty

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In crypto-currency, Bitcoin is king, and since its inception, entrepreneurs and innovators have honed their skills and processes, trying to find the most efficient and cost effective methods of mining. Bitcoin currency is created by solving complex math problems, and until now, ASICs have been the most effective method of mining. An ASIC is an integrated circuit designed to function in a specific way, such as to mine for bitcoins. These computer processes are costly, however, and the high cost of energy is a barrier to enter into the bitcoin mining industry.

In this way, SOLARMINER is a disruptive force, as the company has pioneered technology which allows average people without technical skills to mine for bitcoins without the expense. Their newly released product, SOLARMINER USB, is a solar powered hardware platform designed for the sole purpose of providing solar power to USB 2.x and 3.x bitcoin mining devices, all at no cost. “The device is an all-in-one solar powered mining machine. This machine literally has the potential to change the world, bringing regular income to ordinary people using nothing more than sunlight,” says SOLARMINER Co-founder, John Carter.

“SOLARMINER is revolutionizing the industry by allowing average people to compete in the mining process… we’re essentially helping folks ‘print’ their own currency with solar power. It is a really cool concept, actually,” says John. SOLARMINER finds itself at the crossroads of the sustainability movement, but at the same time, it is a critical development in the world effort to alleviate poverty. The technology is widely expected to radically transform the crypto-currency movement and overall financial markets.

“We intend to help reduce world poverty by allowing people in rural settings to start earning regular income. So, what we’re doing is technologically advanced, but it also is an attempt to help those without means attain a certain standard of living. We’re really proud of that,” says John, and he adds that SOLARMINER’s intellectual property is in line with that of the Gates Foundation, which is committed to relieving worldwide poverty.

ABOUT: Based in Ottawa, Canada, SOLARMINER Corporation is pioneering the manufacture of solar-powered crypto-currency devices for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Their products make mining both affordable and sustainable, allowing the creation of value from sunlight.

If you’d like to schedule an interview with SOLARMINER Co-founder, John Carter, please contact at 613-838-4812 or Email.

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Source: PR Newswire

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