Checkpoint Wristbands Launches Nation’s First Autism Safety Product and Personal ID Stickers with QR/Texting Technology, Helps Pave the Way to Faster Emergency Response

April 1, 2014

Sidekick Series, an Autism safety product, combines QR code and text messaging technology. Parents or caregivers of children or young adults in the Autism spectrum have the power to customize the stickers with emergency contact information, medical conditions, and more.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

Checkpoint Wristbands today announced that it has released a new Personal Identification and Autism safety product, called Checkpoint Wristbands™ Sidekick Series™ into its current personal identification products lineup, enabling parents and caregivers of children or young adults in the Autism spectrum and others to share personal identifiable information that may contain potential life-saving instructions faster and more secure than they can today. This Autism safety product will eliminate a longstanding limitation of products with static information permanently engraved or printed and help pave the way for a new generation of instant identification products that are fully customizable, and hold more information than today’s static identification products. The stickers are specifically designed for use with those who are skin sensitive or have distraction issues. The stickers can be placed on clothing (e.g. back of a jacket or shirt).

Checkpoint Wristbands will add Sidekick Series into its lineup of personal identification products. The new instant identification sticker was a long time in the making. "We wanted to make sure we got it right,” Bill Sharp, co-founder of Checkpoint Wristbands, said, “Sidekick Series stickers give parents the full potential of customizing the information that is to be made instantly available to first responders when they scan or text the sticker’s unique code, minimizing the time that the first responder has to wait for the potentially vital information to be delivered."

With Sidekick Series tightly coupling QR code and text messaging technology, the parents or caregivers of children or young adults in the Autism spectrum have the power to be able to fully customize the stickers with emergency contact information, medical conditions, and more.

QR Code Scanning and Text Messaging

The Sidekick Series stickers combine QR code scanning and text messaging technology to provide first responders quick access to your vital medical information or your emergency contact information.

“When a first responder or a good Samaritan scans the sticker’s printed QR code or text its unique code to Checkpoint Wristband’s dedicated number, your vital medical information or your emergency contact information is returned. Your personal information remains protected and is accessible from a cell phone or Internet device with QR code scan or text message capability.”

Additionally, the email address and cell phone of the person who registers the wristband receives an instant notification when that wristband’s code is accessed.

Advantages Over other Medical Alert Products

Today's medical alert products have information engraved to the product itself, which limits the owner's ability to update their information and is four- to five-times more expensive than our lineup of products. The Sidekick Series stickers are activated and updated with Checkpoint Wristbands’ secure, online portal, enabling parents to update and control how much or how little information they want to give out.

The ease with which to use our product is outstanding. Within a couple of minutes of activating the Sidekick Series stickers on Checkpoint Wristband’s secure portal, a parent can have an emergency contact number available on the sticker along with other critical information such as hypersensitivity disorder or Autism behavioral outbursts. This information can be changed on the fly.

“Being able to update or change your information at your desk or on-the-go from any Internet device is powerful. Take for example a hypothetical scenario with the Smith family: If Mrs. Smith and her daughter are attending a Disney On Ice show in the evening, she can use her iPhone to update information, say, by adding seating information and times before, during or after the event. The following day Mrs. Smith’s daughter will be with her grandparents for a full day. Mrs. Smith can just as easily return to the online portal to add the grandparent’s contact information.”

This secure portal will considerably improve the quality of information that can be accessed. Because of technology differences – Other Medical Alert Products have permanently engraved information that may change at any moment. With Sidekick Series, the information is kept up-to-date, and moves between the user and first responder at much faster speeds, potentially making life-saving decisions much faster.

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