PAY.ON Opens the Doors of Its New Office in New York

April 2, 2014

MUNICH, April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

+ PAY.ON creates a new range of services for North and South America with the opening
of its subsidiary PAY.ON America Inc. in New York

PAY.ON AG, one of the world’s leading operators of Web-based and omnichannel payment
infrastructure services, is opening a North American subsidiary, PAY.ON America Inc., in
New York. This will enable PAY.ON to collaborate more efficiently with its North American
clients, better meet growing demand, and market the advantages of the PAY.ON payment
platform and one-API payment gateway. PAY.ON is also laying the groundwork for the local
creation and introduction of a number of products and services that are new to the North
American payment market. In addition, North American payment providers will benefit from
the best transaction links to South America, Europe, and Asia.

With the opening of the North American subsidiary, PAY.ON is laying a solid foundation
for its expansion in the USA and Canada. PAY.ON America Inc. is headed by well-known US
industry experts Michael Doron (Managing Director, formerly Director Sales at Ogone) and
Adam Bowman (Vice President of Sales and Business Development, previously Head of Sales
and Business Development at OmniPay).

PAY.ON has a global payment network of over 350 payment providers in more than 100
countries, and that covers more than 150 international, national, and local payment
methods. Of particular relevance for the North American market are the broad transaction
links to South America, Europe, and Asia. The modular PAY.ON payment gateway enables the
rapid expansion of existing systems via a proprietary API connection. Additionally, the
omnichannel PAY.ON payment platform offers clients a fully functional white-label system
with all relevant payment and risk management processes, including the latest fraud and
chargeback prevention. Furthermore, PAY.ON innovations, such as fast and simple merchant
onboarding, dynamic payment pages, and various mobile payment solutions, can be activated
on a modular basis. With PAY.ON business cases of any complexity can be realized in a time
and cost saving manner. All PAY.ON systems guarantee seamless compliance with all PCI and
security standards and are operated with high system availability via PAY.ON’s own data

PAY.ON AG CEO, Markus Rinderer, says: “We are pleased to be able to provide our
clients in the US and Canada with a simpler and more direct exchange effective
immediately. As a global provider of white-label payment infrastructure, we offer payment
providers every option for expanding their services quickly and in a targeted manner in
any country or on any continent. In addition, PAY.ON is committed to the intelligent
translation of complex technologies into simple, innovative solutions that meet and exceed
all of today’s modern omnichannel payment and fraud management requirements – including
simple integration and merchant onboarding. This is demonstrated by the multitude of
renowned clients and exemplary products and projects in our more than decade-long
corporate history.”

Managing Director of PAY.ON America Inc., Michael Doron, adds: “PAY.ON offers its
clients expert partners who have years of experience at the highest level in understanding
the needs and requirements of the North American market. This ensures that the focus of
their advice and collaboration is on solutions and goals, no matter how complex the
payment requirements. European and Asian clients can look forward to broader transaction
processing in the US and Canada in the future thanks to the new US presence.”

About PAY.ON AG:

PAY.ON AG is one of the world’s leading operators of payment infrastructure systems,
whose cloud services meet all of the needs and requirements of modern and globally
connected payment processing. As a white-label provider, PAY.ON guarantees its clients
(PSPs, ISOs, acquirers, and financial institutions) complete independence. The full range
of the omnichannel PAY.ON platform allows users to activate an ad hoc proprietary system
with all relevant payment and risk management processes, including global connectivity and
the latest fraud and charge prevention – which can be supplemented at any time to include
external tools and market-tested PAY.ON services, such as quick merchant onboarding and
mobile payment. Thus, business cases, no matter how complex they may be, can be
implemented, expanded, or completely outsourced in a manner that saves time, money, and
resources. The modular PAY.ON gateway enables the prompt connectivity expansion of
existing systems via a single proprietary API with direct access to more than 350
system-relevant payment providers around the world, including over 150 payment methods.
Thus, with its gateway PAY.ON accelerates global provider availability like no other
network. All PAY.ON systems ensure seamless compliance with internationally required PCI
and security standards and are always operated with high system availability via
proprietary data centers. For further information, please go to http://www.payon.com

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