Microsoft Reports 12M Downloads Of Office For iPad In One Week
April 4, 2014

Microsoft Reports 12M Downloads Of Office For iPad In One Week

Enid Burns for - Your Universe Online

Microsoft finally released its Office suite for the iOS last week after much anticipation. Now, the software giant reports it received 12 million downloads of its Office properties in Apple's App Store since its introduction on March 27.

The milestone was marked by a tweet from Microsoft's @Office account. "More than 12 million downloads of Word, Excel, PPT & OneNote for #iPad from the @AppStore <3 #OfficeforiPad."

Microsoft Word for iPad was in the top 10 on Apple's App Store Top Grossing chart at the number 6 spot last Sunday. Other Office apps made the top App Store App chart including Excel with number 11 and PowerPoint with Number 32 last weekend, ComputerWorld reports. However, the ranks slipped slightly earlier this week. On Monday Word fell to number 8, Excel to the 16th spot, and PowerPoint to number 40.

The apps are free to download. However, the use of Microsoft Office apps for iPad, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, require a subscription to Office 365. Unlike previous versions of Microsoft Office where the user purchases the software and can use it under the license agreement, Office 365 requires a subscription with a monthly fee of $10, or $99 per year. Microsoft is extending its subscription beyond just the PC and onto tablets. So users who subscribe to Office 365 can use the software across platforms. The apps allow users to create, view and edit documents, among other activities.

Before a version of Office 365 was released for the iPad skeptics suggested that users grew tired of waiting for versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for Apple's flagship tablet. Many users sought out alternatives, many options that were free. While some of those users may stick with their alternatives, it's clear that iPad users held out for Office on the platform, and were quick to download and try out the new apps.

Microsoft did not reveal how many of the 12 million downloads were new subscribers, versus users who already subscribe to Office 365, and downloaded the iPad version under existing subscriptions, CNET reports. Microsoft also did not say what the overlap was between the different Office 365 downloads. It is likely that each user downloaded multiple Office properties, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

"Microsoft has taken a calculated risk with hopes that iPad users will forgo free alternatives such as Google Docs and Apple's iWorks software," wrote CNET's Dara Kerr.

The in-app purchase of the Office 365 subscription was the driver in the AppStore rankings, according to Computer World.

"But Apple's tally of gross sales considers only those through its App Store, either as pre-paid apps and in-app purchases. In Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft offers an in-app purchase of Office 365 Home, a $99.99 consumer-grade plan that allows subscribers to install the desktop Office on up to five Windows PCs or Macs, as well as use the suite on up to five tablets," wrote Gregg Keizer. "It was those in-app purchases of Office 365 Home, which were charged to customers' iTunes accounts, that Apple calculated when it ranked the apps in its Top Grossing chart."

Apple will take its 30 percent commission for in-app purchases when consumers purchase the Office 365 subscription within the app, rather than directly from Microsoft.