Western Washington Medical Group Busts Myths Related to Colorectal Cancer and Colonoscopy Screenings

April 4, 2014

While most people think they don’t need colonoscopy screenings, Western Washington Medical Group explains dangers of underestimating susceptibility to colorectal cancer.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

“Think of this,” says a new article released by Western Washington Medical Group, “Nearly all of the 150,000 cases of colorectal cancer that are developed each year could have been prevented or detected in early stages if people had had their recommended screenings.”

Colonoscopies are no one’s favorite procedure. However, according to the new article entitled, “Why You Need a Colonoscopy,” the dangers of avoiding a screening far outweigh the inconvenience of scheduling the recommended colonoscopy. Doctor’s recommend these check-ups for a reason, and the new Western Washington Medical Group article debunks the top 5 myths most people use as excuses to skip their screening.

Western Washington Medical Group begins by debunking the assumption that most insurance companies don’t cover colonoscopies. According to the article, this excuse is “nearly always untrue.” A colonoscopy is, in fact, most often covered as a part of the preventative care portion of medical insurance policies.

The second excuse uses a lack of a family history of colorectal cancer as a cop-out. In response to this uneducated assumption, the article provides sure facts, saying, “In reality, of the 150,000 Americans that develop colorectal cancer each year, 85% of them have no family history of the disease.”

The next two objections to a colonoscopy relate to the procedure itself. Firstly, the article stipulates that the procedure is not nearly as uncomfortable as most people assume. Secondly, it explains that having one colonoscopy does not excuse an individual from the need to have regular future screenings.

Finally, the last excuse addressed emphasizes the high potential for anyone to contract colorectal cancer. Many individuals think that it isn’t a common disease. However, the article cites a March 2014 study by the American Cancer Association, saying, “An estimated 71,830 men and 65,000 women will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 26,270 men and 24,040 women will die of the disease.” The study also indicates that a recent decrease in colonoscopy cancer rates is not because individuals simply do not contract the disease. On the contrary, evidence shows that an increase in regular screenings was able to catch the cancer developments early enough to cure the patients.

Western Washington Medical Group’s insightful article provides hard facts and good reasons in order to motivate individuals to be wise about their health.

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