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April 10, 2014

Ads Set To Get Bigger On Facebook

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will enlarge the size of advertisements appearing on the right-hand column of the desktop PC version of its site, and will display fewer of them, in an effort to make more users take notice of the ads.

The new ads, which will begin appearing later this month, will span the full width of the right column, and will have the same aspect ratio of ads that run in News Feed, making it easier for marketers to advertise on Facebook.

“Because the updated ads mirror the overall shape of desktop News Feed ads, marketers will no longer have to choose separate images for News Feed and right-hand column placements. They can now use the same image for both,” Facebook said in its announcement.

The company said it had tested the new ad design, and found up to a three-fold increase in user engagement – such as clicking on the ad, posting a comment or sharing it – with the new, larger ads.

Facebook did not disclose how many ads will appear in the right-hand column of its site, but provided a sample image that showed a single ad in the right-hand column. The company previously displayed as many as seven ads in the column.

The changes will only affect Facebook’s PC desktop version, which currently accounts for less than half the company’s ad revenue as users and marketers increasingly prefer the mobile version of the social network.