Malcovery® Security Releases White Paper on How to Disrupt the Phishing Supply Chain with Threat Intelligence

April 22, 2014

Commissioned paper reveals how companies can protect their network and their brand through intelligence-led security.

Pittsburgh, PA and Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Malcovery® Security, the leader in delivering actionable threat intelligence that can be applied to neutralize email-based malicious threats, today released a white paper entitled “Disrupting The Phishing Supply Chain with Threat Intelligence,” available as a free download at http://info.malcovery.com/disrupting-the-phishing-supply-chain-with-threat-intelligence

The paper was commissioned by Malcovery Security, and written by leading security analyst firm Spire Security. Spire Security, LLC conducts market research and analysis of information security issues. Spire’s objective is to help refine enterprise security strategies by determining the best way to deploy policies, people, processes, and platforms in support of an enterprise security management solution.

The paper examines how companies can protect their brand and their networks by using intelligence to disrupt phishing attacks. As the paper discusses, in the military, commanders are constantly looking for force multipliers – ways to increase the effectiveness of their armies – to help them overpower an enemy to win battles and even wars. These force multipliers may relate to weaponry, tactics, and other methods that contribute to success. The force multiplier for phishing is its economies of scale in the supply chain. Given this state, it only stands to reason that the way to defeat the phisher is to disrupt the supply chain closer to its starting point, rather than waiting for the attack cycle to begin.

“Malcovery knows how phishers operate. It is clear that they take full advantage of the Internet scalability as they attack their victims in volume,“ stated Greg Coticchia, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Malcovery Security. “As we push further towards the origin of phishing – towards the phishers themselves – we can take back our email communication channel and fully realize its value.”

Malcovery was launched in early 2013 as a result of an exclusive, worldwide license from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and based on research in cyber forensics conducted at the Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research (CIA|JFR) at UAB, Malcovery has quickly gained commercial success with many Fortune 500 enterprise customers such as eBay, Facebook, IBM, Citi, LinkedIn, Assurant, and Visa. Learn more about email-based threats and what you can do about them at: http://info.malcovery.com

“The best option for defenders to beat the attackers at their game is to turn it against them,” stated Peter Lindstrom, Principal and Vice President of Research at Spire Security. “If we can get to them prior to the scaling points, we can make a significant dent in the volume of attacks.”

About Malcovery® Security

Malcovery Security is the leading provider of actionable cyber security intelligence and forensic analysis about email-based threats (phishing, spam and malware) that identifies, prioritizes and targets cybercriminal activities and provides effective countermeasures.

Delivered as a suite of subscription services, the company's patented and patent-pending technology provides the ability to identify the root sources of cybercrime attacks (servers, perpetrators, locations, etc.), delivering rich actionable intelligence information about cross-brand attacks and targeted attacks, as well as advanced notification of emerging email-based threats.

Unlike services that serve only as a reactive response to these attacks today—services that simply address the symptoms but cannot provide the intelligence to actually stop the cybercriminal and their activities—Malcovery Security’s solutions provide the unique intelligence required to respond effectively to attacks on customers’ brands, to disrupt email-based threats on an organization.

Malcovery Security has offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Birmingham, AL. For more information, please visit http://www.malcovery.com or connect with Malcovery on Facebook (facebook.com/malcovery), Twitter (@malcovery), and LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/company/malcovery-security).

Editor’s Note: Malcovery® is a registered trademark. ‘Identify the Source. Stop the Threat.’ TM is a trademark of Malcovery Security, LLC. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the protected properties of their respective owners.

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