Fremont Officials Issues Texting-While-Driving Warning, Stisim Drive Suggests Driving Simulation Training to Help Drivers Stay Safer

April 24, 2014

Officials of Fremont, Nebraska issued a warning against texting and use of cell phones while driving, shared a report. Stisim Drive seconded the advice and suggested driving simulation training to help drivers stay safe while behind the wheel.

Fremont, NE (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Distracted driving is a very common cause of road accidents. And so, to help the residents of Fremont in Nebraska stay safer while behind the wheel, local officials issued a texting-while-driving warning, related a report from fremonttribune.com. Meanwhile, to also be of aid, Stisim Drive advised the driving simulation training.

According to the report, which was posted on April 23, 2014, in the 1.6 million accidents that the National Safety Council has recorded, 25 percent is related to the use of cell phones. And as it shared, Lt. Kurt Bottorff of the Fremont Police Department believed that high number was due to the increase use of electronics and social networking.

Given that, the local authorities called for drivers to stop the use of their cell phones while driving. Most especially, it advised teenagers not to practice the habit as it said that just one call or text could cause a major traffic accident.

Below is a part of the said report.

“April is distracted driving awareness month, and Fremont isn’t exempt from the problem, local authorities said."

“As electronic devices become more and more in use, it becomes more and more an issue,” said Lt. Kurt Bottorff of the Fremont Police Department.”

Getting distracted while behind the wheel could cost people's lives, said Stisim Drive. Because of that, it commented that every driver must heed the officials' advice not to text or use cell phones while on a drive.

However, it stated that it is not just the use of the mobile device that causes vehicular accidents. Many other things, like poor driving skills, could also lead to untoward road incidents.

And so, to help anyone to be a better driver, Stisim Drive recommended the driving simulation training. It stated that with it, a person could practice going through various road accidents without having to worry about the actual risks, thus, making it safe.

Nonetheless, of all the driving simulators, the company asserted that its own are the most-effective. It stated that they offer reliable results, which could be used in research, instruction and even rehabilitation.

Moreover, Stisim Drive said that its driving simulation systems are run by an open, customizable and programmable software. With that, it is able to meet the need of any driving simulator users, it stated.

Simply called as Stisim Drive Software, it cited that it also contains all the possible road scenes one might encounter. And that, it added, makes driver more knowledgeable and less accident-prone.

For more information about Stisim Drive and its driving simulation systems, readers could visit its website at stisimdrive.com.

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