Virtual Education Software announces the release of new Common Core Standards Course

April 30, 2014

Online course released to meet new federal Common Core Standards requirements for PK-12 public education.

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash., April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Education Software, inc. (VESi) announced today that it has released a new graduate level online course titled, “Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards” (CCS).

VESi’s CCS course is available to PK-12 education professionals nationally who work in states that follow the federally mandated Common Core Standards, which set the learning requirements for all public education students kindergarten through 12(th) grade.

VESi partners with over 90 colleges, universities and educational organizations to offer its undergraduate, graduate and continuing professional courses to education professionals nationwide and internationally. CCS is the 29(th) academically accredited course that has been developed by the company.

The Common Core Standards course, as well as the other 28 courses, is tablet and smart device capable. This makes online continuing education for teachers, counselors, administrators and other education professionals even more convenient than traditional online courses.

About Virtual Education Software, inc.

VESi is a Nevada based corporation that opened its first office in Spokane Valley, WA in 1998. Its President and CEO Mick Jackson is a Behavioral Theorist who has spent sixteen years setting up and working in K-12 special education settings and 15 years working as an adjunct professor for Portland State University facilitating graduate level distance learning courses.

Virtual Education Software is well known in the field of distance education for providing high quality, graduate level courses that meet all regional and national accreditation standards for K-12 teacher education for extremely affordable fees.


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Source: PR Newswire

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