Global Security Experts, Inc. Announces Solution to Identifying Counterfeit BurglarGARD Window Protection Film

April 30, 2014

Last month Global Security Experts, Inc. issued a consumer alert warning against counterfeit BurglarGARD Window Protection Film. Today, the home security experts announce key indicators of counterfeit products making it easier for consumers to identify these fake DIY kits.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Global Security Experts, Inc. alerted consumers last month to counterfeit BurglarGARD Window Protection Film originating from overseas. Today, the home security experts announce key indicators of the counterfeit products, making it easier for consumers to identify authentic kits.

One of the easiest indicators that will guarantee the end-user doesn’t receive a counterfeit BurglarGARD Window Protection Film DIY kit is the return address. If the customer checks the return address on the label and it contains Atlanta or Florida, the consumer is virtually guaranteed the goods are authentic. However, if the address is from any other state or even overseas, the consumer knows the goods are counterfeit. Unlike the inferior films, ShatterGARD glass protection films are utilized by some of the most recognized companies in the world ranging from the Wells Fargo, Sears to the US Military.

The authentic DIY glass protection kits strengthen the weakest security link, a home’s windows. Applying the protection film directly to the interior side of a windowpane, BurglarGARD provides a home with an invisible coat of armor. Once a homeowner has applied the protection film, BurglarGARD offers a higher grade of security over standard glass in its ability to withstand an attack from weapons such as rocks, a baseball bat, or a brick. Consumers will find it will take a criminal using repeated, attention-grabbing blows to penetrate the virtually indestructible film.

“These counterfeit products are by far inferior to the authentic BurglarGARD Window Protection Film DIY kit. Consumers need to be informed that all of our products are shipped from either Atlanta or Florida, any other location on a return label is a dead indicator of a copy-cat product. Other ways to identify these inferior products are by price, typically around 50% less than ours, no lifetime guarantee and lacking additional defining features such as multiply and optically clear film,” stated Jordan Frankel, Security Sensei and founder of Global Security Experts, Inc.

The imitation glass protection kits are lacking several key features that have made the BurglarGARD Window Protection Film a successful product. Authentic DIY kits include the ShatterGARD lifetime guarantee, multiply film, optically clear protection film, instructions and the tools needed for installation. Many of the imitated products can be found on eBay or Amazon and lack all of the defining features of a genuine BurglarGARD Window Protection Film DIY kit.

"In a world of knockoffs, counterfeits and generally inferiors products, Global Security Experts is one of the only companies to take a strong stance against the undermining counterfeiters in the industry as a whole,” stated Tom Lynch from The Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL).

The BurglarGARD window protection kit is currently available on the Global Security Experts’ website. It is the ideal fit for any home or business owner looking for a cost-effective glass protection solution that does not compromise quality or safety for affordability. For more information please visit: http://www.globalsecurityexperts.com.

About Global Security Experts:

For nearly two decades, Jordan Frankel has led the professionals at Global Security Experts in providing affordable, customized home security solutions for the everyday citizen. Global Security Experts offers the latest state-of-the-art security devices and physical deterrents to home invasion, as well as on-site training to families, businesses and individuals worldwide. Frankel, known as the Security Sensei, is a highly trusted authority in the field of residential security. He has completed home security makeovers and trainings for celebrities, high-profile business executives, and even a former President of the United States. Frankel and his revolutionary security inventions have been featured on several national television shows and in news outlets throughout the country, including The Oprah Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, The Boston Herald and more. Additionally, Frankel has authored countless articles for a variety of the most respected security publications worldwide. To learn more and to find out what Global Security Experts can do for you, visit globalsecurityexperts.com.

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