Finally, A Truly Warm Replacement To Banned Incandescent Light Bulbs
May 5, 2014

Finally, A Truly Warm Replacement To Banned Incandescent Light Bulbs

Lawrence LeBlond for - Your Universe Online

American consumers have been on the fence when it comes to new energy-efficient LED and CFL light bulbs. While these bulbs last much longer and cost much less than the long-used incandescent bulbs of yesteryear, they generally do not provide the same type of glow and warmth that consumers were accustomed to.

However, a new player in the lighting industry has arrived that is looking to bring back comforting light that was lost when LEDs and CFLs took over the market not so long ago.

The Finally Light Bulb Company today announced the first-ever energy-efficient A-type light bulb that “truly replicates the familiar warm and reassuring glow of the now-banned incandescent bulbs that consumer love and miss.”

The FinallyTM light bulb merges the old (classic design, warmth and glow of incandescent light bulbs) with the new (energy-efficiency of LED and CFL bulbs). Another issue that FinallyTM light bulbs resolve is cost in respect to quality/efficiency. LED and CFL bulbs cannot produce inexpensive bulbs that merge traditional quality with modern efficiency.

The Finally Light Bulb Company, which operates from a facility near Boston, Mass., boasts that consumers will not have to forfeit quality for efficiency, or have to pay an outrageous price for the right light. The FinallyTM bulb is 75 percent more efficient than an incandescent bulb and will last 15 times longer – providing up to $75 in savings over its lifetime.

The FinallyTM light bulb is the first to be remade in the recognizable shape of the incandescent bulb that American consumers have come to know and love. The lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and will fit everywhere and work anywhere.

"I like to tell people that their search for the right light is over," said John Goscha, Founder and CEO of the Finally Light Bulb Company. "Until now, consumers basically had a choice between low-quality light, or paying exorbitant prices for brighter light that can't help but feel cold and clinical.  I challenged Finally's team of scientists to engineer a new, energy-efficient lighting technology that would look and work just like our old incandescents, and produce that same warm, familiar glow we all love. And they did. Our light bulbs capture it all."

The new light bulbs use AcandescenceTM technology that is neither LED- nor CFL-based and were developed exclusively by the Finally Light Bulb Company with the main objective of recreating the same light produced by incandescent light bulbs without wasting energy and costing too much money. The bulb is essentially eco- and consumer-friendly.

Based on the aspects of induction technology, AcandescenceTM uses a copper coil rather than a tungsten filament or electrode to generate light. A dedicated team of researchers successfully compressed and harnessed the best natural attributes of the induction process to create Acandescence™.

"The big lighting companies are focused on producing replacement bulbs with LED and CFL technology," said Dr. Ihor Lys, Board Member. "Both are undeniably efficient, but LEDs pose a huge affordability challenge for consumers, while CFLs have a really hard time replicating the quality of light and Instant On performance of the traditional incandescent lamps.  Put them in your home and you'll immediately notice the difference."

The new light bulbs will soon be available to the public in 60, 75 and 100 Watt Replacements. The 60 Watt Replacement bulb is available for preorder and is expected to be offered at select retail outlets beginning in July for a suggested retail price of $7.99 (US). The other bulbs are projected to become available for preorder later this fall.