App Unveiled For Job Seekers - Jobr
May 6, 2014

Jobr App Is Like Tinder For Job Seekers

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

A new mobile app seeks to help job hunters find their perfect job in much the same way that Tinder helps them find a love match, according to Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News' Good Morning America.

The app - Jobr - takes Tinder’s “swipe left, swipe right” concept and extends it to jobseekers, simplifying and accelerating the process of connecting candidates and recruiters.

It works by connecting to a user's LinkedIn account, and then creating a profile page of their job history and skills. Once that process is complete, jobseekers can begin quickly reviewing various employment opportunities, and simply swipe right for jobs they are interested in, and left for those they aren’t.

“If you are interested in a job, and the hiring manager is also interested in you - we'll make an introduction & you can chat directly in the app,” Jobr said in a blog posting on Monday.

The company said its algorithms use the LinkedIn profile data to suggest jobs that would be interesting and a good fit for the user. Over time, the app will learn from user preferences to suggest even better jobs, Jobr said.

Each listed employment opportunity contains a profile page with information about the company, the specific skills required for the position, how many of a user’s contacts are already employed at the company, and which of the required skills match those of the user.

Jobr also provides recruiters the ability to review potential candidates in a similar fashion, allowing them to quickly determine which ones are the best fit.

“Tired of sending countless numbers of cold emails and LinkedIn messages? Just sign into recruiter mode and start swiping on candidates. Our algorithms show you the most relevant candidates,” Jobr said.

However, for now, Jobr is taking a hybrid approach to enlisting recruiters. While some have already listed their positions on the app, Jobr has also included outside positions from other online venues. If the app, which officially launched on Monday, gains traction with applicants, the company will be in a better position to attract recruiters.

Noting that between 30 and 50 percent of new hires come from referrals, Jobr is also trying to encourage users to share jobs with their friends.

The company is offering $1,000 to anyone who refers a candidate that is ultimately hired for a job through the app.

“We made it dead simple to refer a friend from Jobr – just slide down and send a text. If your friend takes the job – we will pay you $1,000. No BS,” Jobr said.

The Jobr app for Apple devices can be downloaded for free at the App Store. Android device users can click here to be added to the Android download list.