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May 8, 2014

First Sparks available to integrate powerful Enterprise Search into popular business applications

BROOKLYN, New York, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Q-Sensei, the indexing technology company, announces today the availability of its
first Sparks that augment and connect search in popular business applications.

As more and more business applications are being used, valuable data is locked in
difficult to search and unconnected silos. According to business consulting firm Frost &
Sullivan, the global enterprise search market will more than triple by 2019, from
US$1.47bn in 2012 to US$4.68bn.[1] ResearchMoz.us states that one “of the key factors
contributing to this market growth is the increased demand for rapid and easy data
access.”[2] Q-Sensei is doing exactly this: it breaks down the complex process of
Enterprise Search, as it introduces “Q-Sensei Sparks: Enterprise Search – One App at a

The first two Sparks are available for products from Enterprise Software maker
Atlassian, namely its team collaboration product, Confluence, and its issue tracking
application, JIRA. Sparks help better sift through disparate quantities of information,
discover new data and ultimately make better business decisions. With Q-Sensei’s
contextual autocomplete and powerful filter technology, Confluence users can now better
search all data, even uploaded zips, whereas JIRA users now better find the right person
to fix a bug or an answer from a product specification. Q-Sensei Sparks are built to
connect business applications and improve collaboration across different business
solutions. Soon, Q-Sensei will also offer Sparks for documents and code to bring more and
more Enterprise information together.

“Our mission is to make Enterprise Search powerful, simple and fast,” said Ute Rother,
CEO of Q-Sensei. “With our Sparks we provide fast and easy to use solutions that empower
people to instantly better search all their valuable enterprise content, be more
productive and make better business decisions.”

Download Links for Q-Sensei Sparks:

Spark for Confluence:


Spark for JIRA:


About Q-Sensei

Q-Sensei pioneered a new level of indexing technology to make search more powerful,
more insightful, and thoroughly simple. The company was founded in 2007 and its search and
presentation engine is protected by U.S. Patents 7,080,059 and 7,680,777. More information
can be found at http://www.qsensei.com.




2. http://www.researchmoz.us/about-us.html

        Media Contact:
        Andre Wiebel
        Q-Sensei Corp.

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