ipad video stories in minutes
May 9, 2014

Adobe Voice Allows Users To Make Engaging Video Stories In Minutes

Enid Burns for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

A new app called Adobe Voice helps users tell a story in a whole new way. The app offers animated video with a handful of templates, and lets users add their own photos and video as well as their own voice to narrate the story.

The iPad app is intended to give dimension to static presentation formats. A user can choose a template, drop in some graphics or a video, and let the app supply animations to support the story being narrated. The app also leverages Adobe Creative Cloud to bring the pieces together.,

The app is targeted for business use, USA Today reports. Though the app could turn up in videos uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or other video-sharing websites, ComputerWorld reports.

"Voice is designed to be a social media vehicle that can be used by anyone from students to business people. It's billed as being simpler than shooting and editing a video while having more impact than a slide-show presentation," wrote Computer World's Tim Hornyak.

For business, the app allows professionals to talk about what they do in an engaging way, without the production costs of having a video crew with editors and equipment. The self-service app is intuitive, easy to use, and doesn't require video editing knowledge.

The app includes free graphics from a library of over 25,000 professionally-designed icons as well as millions of images from the web. Though users can add their own images. The app also includes a graphics engine inspired by Adobe's After Effects tool, which automatically applies cinematic graphics to the story in real time. The engine includes motion blur, 3D, shadows and other professional quality effects. A library of animated themes helps provide some visual entertainment to tie the video together. Adobe also includes a selection of music that can be used in the video.

“Adobe Voice puts the power of Creative Cloud's industry-leading video and audio technology into the hands of the masses. Our move to Creative Cloud has given us a much broader canvas for innovation and attracted many new users to Adobe. We believe Adobe Voice, and other mobile apps expected in the next few months, will continue the momentum we're seeing," said Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Creative Media Solutions at Adobe, in a corporate statement.

Customers that got an early opportunity to test Adobe Voice found the app useful.

“The story starter functions in Adobe Voice allow my students to quickly ascertain what their intent and purpose is. It gives them a nice framework, and guides them step-by-step through what they want to say. One of the things I really enjoy seeing is the students’ excitement about working together to tell and share stories and ideas with each other. As a teacher in a school that also has an integrated curriculum, I can see my students being able to use Adobe Voice in a variety of classes—quickly and immediately," said Jeff Larson, teacher at Balboa High School in San Francisco, in a corporate statement from Adobe.