AppFirst Granted U.S. Patent For Next-Generation ‘Miss-Nothing’ Data Collection Platform

May 13, 2014

NEW YORK, May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — AppFirst, the world’s only platform to provide enterprises with continuous and complete visibility into all applications and supporting resources in their IT ecosystem, has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its next-generation data collection technology.

U.S. Patent 8,707,274 was awarded to AppFirst’s Co-Founder and CTO, Donn Rochette. Mr. Rochette’s unique experience developing life-critical systems for organizations such as NASA is paramount to the development and successful implementation of this technology.

“We’ve applied the system expertise and development principles required for life-critical systems and applied these to AppFirst’s collection technology,” said Mr. Rochette. “Our ability to understand how a system operates from the silicon through the software stack allows us to deliver an extremely high level of performance and scale. This enables us to gather foundational operations and application data like never seen before, all without impacting application performance.”

This allows enterprise customers to deploy this technology across their entire ecosystem, not just a single stack. For example, a Fortune 500 Global Pharmaceutical Company is leveraging AppFirst after a significant investment in consolidating data centers that service thousands of internal applications. For all of the tools and monitoring software that have been in place, there has been a lack of visibility into what is really happening. They have turned to AppFirst to see all the technology that is running their business, including how it performs and the dependencies amongst components. This allows them to improve performance for the business while reducing the costs associated with overprovisioning capacity and fighting fires.

“With today’s flexing and scaling systems, customers are demanding a complete and continuous view of the performance and asset consumption of every application running on all resources across the enterprise,” said David Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of AppFirst. “Historical solutions are only capable of providing small snapshots of the health of an application, typically at one second to several minute intervals. This patent breaks the traditional barriers of time and visibility. It proves that AppFirst is the first company to get to the sub-second level across all applications, system components and network. This resets the bar for how organizations bridge business to IT, proactively troubleshoot, plan for capacity, feed automation systems, and provide business units with granular chargebacks.

Need for Technology Reinforced by Gartner

The need for this technology is reinforced by Gartner’s research entitled, “Building a Modern APM Architecture for the World of Web-Scale IT”. According to Gartner, “Today’s application (and enterprise) monitoring tools increasingly fail to meet the needs of Web-scale application environments that IT operations teams are deploying to match the needs of modern agile applications.”(([1])) Furthermore, “Gartner predicts that fewer than 25% of conventional APM products will support pairing high-frequency metric collection and application context needed to facilitate Web-scale monitoring by 2016, up from 10% today.”

This patented “collector” technology aggregates events as they occur across every process, component and application. It provides:

    --  The first collection technology to auto-discover and capture every event
        across the entire infrastructure, (physical, virtual, public, private
        and hybrid clouds) including every process, socket, thread, registry
        access and configuration behavior.
    --  Comprehensive data collection for both custom and packaged applications
        without agent technology. This requires no changes to the application or
        system, with zero application impact.
    --  A fully correlated timeline of events across the entire n-tier
        environment, including the collection of log files, data from thousands
        of plugins and the ability to easily integrate data from any other data

About AppFirst

AppFirst’s patented technology provides enterprises with continuous and complete visibility into all applications and supporting resources across their IT ecosystem, regardless of the infrastructure. With AppFirst, organizations can experience never-before-seen information about their systems, allowing the ability to proactively troubleshoot, increase system performance and asset utilization, enable highly accurate chargeback capabilities, and reduce overall IT costs. Founded in 2009, AppFirst is based in New York City, with venture backing from FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital, Javelin Venture Partners and Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE:SFE). For more information, visit appfirst.com, Follow Us on Twitter @AppFirst or subscribe to the AppFirst blog.


David Dorman




(([1])) Gartner, Building a Modern APM Architecture for the World of Web-Scale IT, Jonah Kowall, Cameron Haight, December 6, 2013.


Source: PR Newswire

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